First LV purchase

  1. I am in love with epi leather, what would you get for your first lv, a St. jacques or a noe?-I need a handbag like a hole in the head but love these two, which one and what color?-Thanks
  2. I personally love the Noe. However, the petit is slightly too small for me as I like to carry my whole life in my bag! :rolleyes:
  3. My first LV was an epi petit noe! It's a great size, holds a lot, and its AWESOME!
  4. Definitely the for color, that's a tough one!
  5. Yes, I prefer the noe. There are a lot of beautiful colors.
  6. i like the saint jacques, esp the ones with longer straps.........
  7. I like the saint jacques.
  8. another vote for petit noe and i :heart: mandarin..

    get the mandarin if u could find 1 before they're all gone
  9. My very first LV purchase was the epi Saint Jacques and I love it! I have it in "old red", but it's very classy and it fits A LOT (I have the shopper size, which I believe is discontinued).
  10. I would get a Saint Jacques... :biggrin:
  11. Saint Jacques vote here too!!
  12. I like the Red St. Jacques!
  13. I love both.
  14. both are awesome, but i think the noe is more versatile!
  15. Epi Noe.:biggrin: