First LV Purchase!!!

  1. Hello everyone,

    Today I bought my first LV--a Mono Speedy 30. I was disappointed though when I unfolded the Speedy after taking it out of the box and found creases in it. :sad: I just read another post about this, and other PF members said the creases come out eventually. What can I do to help "speed" up the process of getting the creases out of my Speedy??
  2. You might want to repost this over in the LV section. The people over there can tell you what they've done to get rid of the creases.
  3. moving to the LV Forum . . .
  4. Congrats.
  5. Congrats on your first LV bag! Maybe if you fill the bag with tissue paper and leave it like that for a day or two the creases will go away
  6. CONGRATS!!! Make sure you stuff the bag and leave it somewhere so it gets warm, like on the window ledge or something like that (warm canvas will become crease free faster).:idea:
  7. at night, stuff towels in it...mine only took a few weeks...its no big deal..they wont stay there forever. When I got the mono 25 it was folded so thats why I used the towels..but the damier 30 was not folded. so it never had a crease. it will come out...dont worry!!! be happy!!!:yes: :yes:
  8. Congrats on your new bag! Hope the creases come out soon!!
  9. Congrats on your first LV!!!!! You will LOVE it! The creases will come out eventually...just keep it stuffed for a little while!
  10. hmmm....why would they fold it in the first place?!...just wondering...cuz if it's to save space...well iono if that makes sense cuz practically every other bag isn't...
  11. Thanks everyone for your input/advice on this. Yes I am happy to have my first LV and look forward to carrying it for a long time!
    The SA showed me that the Speedy is folded for storage and/or travelling. So I guess some of the new ones they sell are folded??
    I'm really not sure. I purchased this at the LV Store in Union Square, San Francisco, CA. by the way.
  12. Leah - you and I are twins! I just purchased my first LV this weekend too and it is also a Speedy 30.:biggrin: Congrats to both of us!!:love: :love:

    Mine has creases too. It's currently stuffed with hand towels and sitting by a window for the heat. I'm confident the creases won't last long. Enjoy your new speedy!
  13. Congrats! The creases will come out soon you'll see...
  14. my SA told me to store the Speedy folded. I don't mind the creases too much...
  15. Just keep using it. I haven't folded mine up since unfolding it.