First LV Purchase STL Store ???

  1. I am so excited! I am going to St. Louis on April 4th and am going to purchase my very first Louis Vuitton bag. I am planning on purchasing the Speedy 30. I have a few questions. First, has anyone purchased from the STL store? If yes, do you have a favorite SA? Should I call in advance to verify they have the Speedy 30 in stock? I am so excited I can hardly stand it.

    Thanks so much for your help.
  2. Welcome to the PF! I hope you enjoy your stay here!

    It would be good to call one day before you go. They can hold the bag for you for a day if you would like. ;)
  3. iv never been to that store but from the stores iv been to they ALWAYS have speedies. the 30 is a great choice. it was my first LV bag and i love it so much it holds a ton
  4. I'm so happy for you! You could call, but Louis Vuitton always has Speedies in stock.
  5. Hi! That is the store that I frequent! There is a man there and he is fab! very conservative, w/ blond hair. The 2 older ladies..not too great IMO. I waited for an hour for them to figure out how to do a return and so I wanted to look at bags. No-one tried to help. Unknowningly, I asked the security guy to show me something and only then did the ladies ever help me. They were mad that I asked the security guy. Well in my opinion, for the whole hour it took 2 people, one of them should have helped me look. And they even had the gall to ask me if i could come back later to finish my return! No-one was in the store and I had tickets to see Quidam in 15 minutes....Nice store, nice male SA...not so much for the others. Probably more info than you needed...:shrugs: also~ They never sell out of items. So..if you are looking for something special, they will probably have it! Have fun!:yes:
  6. Just curious, which Speedy 30 are you getting .... Reg Monogram? .... Multicolore? .... Damier? .... Mini Lin? .... Epi?
  7. Whatever you do - Enjoy your LV shopping experience! :flowers:
  8. im gonna say mono
  9. Welcome i would call in advance.
  10. Welcome to tPF! I would call in advance JUST INCASE, but they usually always have it in stock. That was also my first LV!! You'll LOVE it!
  11. welcome!! hope you enjoy your trip to STL boutique;)
  12. bvbirdygirl vbmenu_register("postmenu_2125109", true); was correct. I am going to start with the Monogram, but I really want to see the Damier as a candidate for future purchases. Thanks everyone for your advise on my store visit.
  13. Welcome to TPF!:flowers:
    Since you did not specify which Speedy 30 you are interested. I agree with the other members you should call ahead.
  14. That's my store!

    My favorite SA is Camilla. She's a younger girl (mid-20s?), very pretty, very sweet.

    Ghost55 - I know the guy you're talking about, he does all their heat-stamping. Never actually shopped with him, but he seems pleasant enough.
  15. I hope you will report back with your first LV experience!