First LV Purchase - So Many Choices!


Jan 16, 2007
Hello wonderful TPFers!

After browsing through all the lovely photos of your handbag collections, I've decided to purchase a Louis Vuitton of my very own! :smile:

I'm 23 & am standing at 5'5" & I'm hoping to have a small/medium one that's unique, chic, something "young" (if that makes sense), versatile for work/play, matches my wardrobe (I'm mostly a jeans type of girl, but I love to play dress up whenever I can), timeless, classic, easy to care for, etc. etc....all that good stuff!

So far, these ones have caught my eye:

- Mini Lin Speedy 30 Ebene/Dune
- Monogram Canvas Lockit

I understand I'll have to visit a boutique to actually try the bag on in order to make a final decision, but I'm hoping I can have some input from the LV owners & gurus first.

What do you think? I would love to hear from all of you. Comments, suggestions & any other tidbits of information are most welcome!

TIA! I appreciate the time you've taken to comment :heart: :yes:

One last thing, what exactly is a "patina"? Does it happen to all LV monos over time? How exactly do you get the "perfect" patina?


Apr 14, 2006
Both your choices are great so it's really a hard choice, so lets break it down....

Vachetta is the 'raw' untreated leather trim on mono and mc bags. Patina is what happens to it as it ages and goes from the light color to honey, to finally darker color which happens over time and
is caused by air, Sun, oil from hands, and dirt. HERE is a site that explains it.

Some people love patina, some don't. I personally like it on some bags and not on others. One thing I do love about a LV bag getting patina is it becomes a personal thing. It's like the bags "grows" or "matures" with you the more you use it.

If you like the idea of patina, the
Monogram Canvas Lockit, will patina. The bootom, pull tab and handles will darken over time. The Mini Lin Speedy 30 in Ebene or Dune does not have Vachetta ('raw' untreated leather) so it will not patina.

If I HAD to pick, I'd pick the lockit over the mini lin speedy. The lockit is a classic bag in mono, and the coated canvas is easy to care for and easy to keep clean, plus I like the patina and think the lockit looks great with it. Plus monogram looks perfect with jeans or a dress. It can be dressed up or down.

I like the mini lin, but everyone has speedy's, plus I don't like the look the mini lin speedy has when the bottom sags, even though I like the sag on the coated canvas speedy's.

My vote goes to the Lockit!!!




Oct 2, 2007
My vote goes to the Lockit! Although, I may be a bit biased because it was my first LV :rolleyes: I, personally, think it is the perfect size and it also looks very classy with both casual and dressy outfits. I love everything about it!


Nov 17, 2007
Mini Lin: classic shape, young looking, vachetta-free, water 'resistant', not so common, can be dressed up or down and you can find a solution for the sag if you don't like it by getting a base shaper or a pursekit.

Honestly, I obssessed over the mini lin Speedy for a week and finally bought it 2 days ago! TPFers helped a lot with my decision


Good luck and enjoy!


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Jul 28, 2007
Both are great choices, but if you dislike the idea of patina, at least with your first LV, I'd go with the Mini Lin. It's beautiful, but beware of sag - the bottom of the Speedy isn't really supported by anything, so once you put your stuff in it, it "sags" - some like it, some don't. I personally don't, and put a thin book at the bottom of my 30. Some TPFers have suggested dvd discs, etc - just search the LV forum. Works like a charm to combat sag ^_^


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Nov 12, 2006
Oooh.. I would say the lockit, but since it's a "first LV" maybe you should go with a classic speedy. Plus as many others have pointed out, the mini lin is vachetta free, so you won't be afraid to use your newly acquired treasure. :yes: