First LV purchase - shopping advice please

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  1. Hi Girls,

    I'm making my first LV purchase next Friday. I'd like to get a Speedy. Most likely 30 and DE but I'll be comparing with 35 and Mono as well to be sure!

    I'll be going to LV concession in Brown Thomas Dublin (similar to Selfridges in London, same owners).

    Can you savvy LV owners give me advice on what to check/ look at and what to ask before I hand over my credit card? I see mentions of where it's made, codes, checking stitching etc but I haven't found a thread giving advice on these. I haven't a clue what I'd be looking for. Is there a better country for making the Speedy? Sorry if a thread does already exist!

    I have one other premium designer handbag (Chanel GST) but I was much younger buying it and just pointed and paid! I'd like to know I'm doing this time 😂

    Thanks in advance 😄
  2. Check for:

    1. Stitching
    2. Cracked Canvas, Tears
    3. Even Glazing
    4. Dirt Inside Purse (Don't want a floor model...)

    Date Code - I suppose you can type in the Date Code when you locate it and have tPF members tell you which week/year/location it was made.

    Location - So far there should be no difference in MiFrance, MiUSA, MiSpain because all the workers have received the same training, but for people who are picky like me, my first piece had to be a MiF!

    I'm sure the other ladies and gents here can offer additional advice!
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