First LV purchase: preloved Ellipse PM

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  1. I finally purchased my first LV. It is preloved from a Japanese seller on ebay. It is the Ellipse pm from 1998. It was listed as A condition inside and outside, and I would agree. There is no odor. The condition is actually better than pictured. The package arrived in 5 days!

    I had a thread called, FIRST LV ADVICE: FAVORITE MM VS. SPEEDY B 25, ALSO WHERE TO PURCHASE. After my initial post, it seemed that the speedy b 25 damier ebene was the way to go, but the cost and the narrow opening worried me. I ended up getting a Longchamp medium cuir and a Furla pouchette, which functions similarily to the Speedy b 25/30 and a Favorite MM.

    These bags are both great, but I still kept looking at LV's online. I was never interested in the non-bandouliere speedy's until I saw a vintage speedy 30 video and the monogram looked so nice with it's even patina. The imperfections added to the bag's character. So I started looking for older monogram speedy 25's and there were a lot of great deals on Japanese sites. There, I discovered the ellipse pm. It has a wider opening than the 25, and the handle links are made to accommodate a strap. It is amazingly light like a speedy 25, and looks great with both casual and dressy outfits. It is also a compact bag that fits a lot. Anyway I am very happy with my purchase. I paid $380 including shipping. If others are interested, I think you can get an even better deal if you are patient. It was hard to find an A interior/A exterior condition with a lock, so I decided to go for it.

    I felt this bag was worth the cost because it was a unique shape, not a trendy purchase, the quality was high, and I didn't have to baby vachetta. I also grappled with why I wanted to purchase LV so badly. And I realized most of it was from liking LV since 5-6th grade, so it was too strong of a feeling for me to ignore anymore.

    Though I am not going to baby this bag, any advice on care for this bag would be appreciated. The vachetta looks great as is, but it is a little dry. I have apple conditioner/cleaner. Should I apply it?

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  2. Congratulations!! It's a beauty!
    My suggestions: Don't use a leather cleanser. Just DAMP a clean white sock with bottled water and squeeze out all the water so that its just slightly damp and go over all the vachetta. Then let dry for 3 hours or so, and lightly buff over with a different white clean sock. If still super dry I would put on the a tiiiiiiiiny amount of leather conditioner, if the leather is super dry. But just a liiiiiiittle! Then in a few weeks repeat with the sock and water and no conditioner.
    That's my tip:smile: congrats again!!!:smile:
  3. Love the Ellipse! Congrats on your first LV...:woohoo:!
  4. Congratulations on such a beautiful unique piece. Great price for such a beauty
  5. Congrats and enjoy!
  6. You have made the absolute BEST decision!!! The Ellipse MM was my first bag and I absolutely love it! It's such a unique shape and it gets compliments everytime I use it! For the leather I would suggest the lovinmybags vachetta conditioner, apply a tiny amount and then when dry just buff it and it will look amazing! I use this across all my bags new and old!
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  7. Here's my baby x

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  8. Thank you for your GREAT care tips!! I have tried a variation of that sock method on a Dooney, but I like the sound of your method even better. Also, the tips of using a tiny amount of condtioner makes a lot of sense. I have never read to do that before.

    Your MM is really beautiful. Size is really great. There are so many ellipse's in great condition. It must be a bag designed for durability.

    Also, I wanted to add . . . I still think Speedy's are really beautifull. I love the speedy shape. I just wanted to try an ellipse b/c it seemed to be a hybrid of things I like. But alas, no speedy's will be in my future. I bought so many bags the last few months, that I am on a self imposed ban. Not even an insulated lunch tote from Target for me. I am done, done, done.

    Finally, it is made in France, . . . but I think perhaps all of the ellipses were?
  9. The only signs of wear on mine is the piping on the bottom but I plan on having all the vachetta replaced one day! Mine is MIF too but I'm not sure about them all. I love speedies too! My regular workhorse is my Mon Mono 30 which is around 6 years old and I also have the black MC one to.. want to add the 30B DE at some point but iv bought too much this past year! Want to add either a Lady Dior or Chanel Flap to my collection for my birthday in November... God Willing!
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    Yes, the biggest sign of wear is some discoloration on the piping at the bottom, but I don't mind it at all. It's not frayed or rubbed down. I can't stand worn corners. Actually wear and tear usually really bothers me on a bag - even a cheapie bag, which is why I didn't think I could handle new LV. I would lose my mind at the first scratch.
  11. Yeah wear on corners does bother me too.. but this bag is just too gorgeous!!! All my bags apart from 1 roses pochette and Alma pomme BB are new I love the wearing in period of the vachetta... the lovinmybags vachetta kit have really helped! Used them on all my new bags and so far they've been very resistant to stains!
  12. Congrats - this is one of my most complimented LV bags :smile: enjoy her! As the patina gets darker, the imperfections become harder to find. I used to treat my leather and then decided I would just let things age naturally.
  13. Your new bag is beautiful!!! Welcome to Louis Vuitton!!!
  14. congrats on your first. that patina is LVoe! :loveeyes:
  15. Lovely, congrats!
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