First LV purchase-popincourt

Loft Lady

Mar 17, 2006
My first LV purchase, the popincourt. When I was first deciding which one to pick I was torn between the Speedy 30 and popincourt. I knew that the speedy is the classic LV, but I loved the shape and style of the pop. I don't mind its a hand held bag ,as both are. I have not seen anyone where I live that have a popincourt. Anyone else have the popincourt?I see speedy's all over - some real and some with fake ones. Next purchase will be a shoulder bag, when ever that willl be.!! Is it me or being a new LV owner, I am anal about placing it away from any where that might have the possibilty of getting dirt on itor any possible spillage. I place it on cloth over my leather seat and place it down. I'm sure this behavior will wear off after the vanchetta gets more of a patina. I don't know how to add a picure.
Nov 1, 2005
Kiari said:
I thought you could extend the Handle's and the Popincourt Would be a shoulder bag? I'm thinking this will be my first LV purchase also. I want a Speedy but really want a shoulderbag.

I think the OP is talking about the reg. Popincourt, and you're talking about the popincourt haut...the haut is a shoulder bag.