first LV purchase: monogram speedy? mini lin speedy?

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  1. I love the speedy for sure, but have been debating between the monogram and mini lin.
    The mono is more classic, but has so many knock-offs out there.
    The mini lin is so cute, but not sure about the material.
    What's your opinion on my first LV purchase?
  2. Welcome to the Forum!

    I vote for the mono you said, it's so really can't go wrong with it!
  3. I love the lin. Harder to look after though.
  4. I like the monogram canvas.
  5. Hmmm... I would say be different and go with the Mini Lin Speedy... BUT:

    The Mono Speedy is a classic... it goes with everything. Forget the rest of the knockoffs that are out there... you know it's real and that's all that matters, right? :yes:
  6. i think the mono speedy is the choice for you
    (though mine was the Damier Alma, but that's me)
    it only matters that YOU know the bag is authentic
    you will love your bag
    congrats and have fun shopping
  7. I prefer Mono Speedy!
  8. My vote is for the mono speedy.
  9. Mono Speedy is my vote.
  10. definitely mono speedy!
  11. Mono Speedy! I just got my first LV, the Speedy 25, and I love it!
  12. Another vote for mono speedy.
  13. Thanks girls/guys!
    Mono gets the most vote.
    I will go to the store to try both 25 and 30. I am not that tall, so a friend said I probably should get speedy 25, but I am still thinking the 30 :P
  14. Im 5 ft tall and I have the mono 30. I don't think its too big but then, thats just me.
  15. I say MINI LIN speedy, im really digging this line lately~~