First LV purchase: mono speedy 25 or 30?

  1. I am about to make my first LV purchase. I was thinking I would go with a starter piece like a speedy. I'm torn between the 25 or the 30. I've taken a look at some of the pictures here and I can't decide. Since I can't get to a store to check them out I need to rely on your opinions. Thanks all!
  2. 30... but are you getting mono or damier???
    damier looks great in 25, mono looks great in 30
  3. I'm pretty set on the mono. I know "everyone" has it, but I think it's classic.
  4. This is always an ongoing discussion and is actually how I found the forum in the first place- I was seaching about the 25/30. I ended up with the 30. The opening to the 25 is very narrow and was hard for me to get in and out of. At first, the 30 seemed just huge to me, but now I have filled that baby up and love the extra room. Totally recommend the 30, unless you are a small bag girl.
  5. I don't carry a ton with me, so both of my speedies are 25 and they are perfect for me!
  6. I also go larger, but that's just me, I like big bags. So I would say 30.
  7. This is the never ending question. That is how I found this forum too! I went back and forth trying to decide for months and then finally decided on the 25. I think it depends on how much you carry and how much of a "big bag" person you are. The 30 is just enormous to me - although I do like how it looks on others. I can fit a ton in my 25 and yes, the opening is a little narrow but I don't have any problems with it. To me it is the perect size. I carry a good size wallet, agenda, makeup bag, lots of key, cell phone and on any given day there are also toys in it for my kids. I have no regrets getting the 25. Good luck!
  8. I got the 25, i think its a good bag for the amount of stuff i put in it: wallet, card holder, coin holder, small makeup bag. If you have a lot of stuff. i suggest the 30, but i like the 25 for the stuff i have. Although i think the 30 looks better, for the size and shape, it looks better when you hold it beside you. i think the 25 looks funny cause its so tiny, even on a tiny person. hope that helps!;)
  9. Do you have kids? If so, get the can hold the kitchen sink. If not, do you like to carry a water, book, sweater? 30
  10. I have a 25 and a year later, really wanting a 30 now. :rolleyes: I think you might eventually grow into getting a 30. :p
  11. I just got the Mono 30 and was shocked at how small it was! I almost thought they sent me a 25 by accident lol. I like big bags I almost wanted a 35 but didn't want to have it too huge so the 30 is really perfect to me. The 25 almost looks like a little girls purse, but then again that's just me cause I like big bags!
  12. You know, I did the exact same thing. :biggrin: When it arrived, I immediately checked the leaf to make sure they didn't screw up. But once I opened it and put stuff in it, it seems bigger now and is perfect.
  13. i like the 30 also...for the extra room
  14. I like the 30 :yes:
  15. 30:wlae: