First LV Purchase - Lockit Epi or Suhali

  1. This will be my first LV purchase. I love the Lockit...ESPECIALLY the Suhali MM in blue (on LV website only, not Elux). Should I wait until I am ready to part with the $2700 for a Suhali, or get an Epi, but I don't really care for any of the Epi colors... I was considering the blanc Suhali, but I really like the blue - I have so many white (& black) bags already. I also love the style of the Tivoli but I don't care for the monogram, and I love the Trevi GM damier and Alma. But I think the Lockit will be my first. What do you think?
  2. I really counsel Suhali in blue: I don't know, but imo I'm sure that if you buy the Epi, then you'll regret inside every time you'll see a blue Suhali around.
    There's no epi colour that really win you over.
    In addition, blue is discontinued! Wait and buy what you really want!

    He that can have patience can have what he will.
    - Benjamin Franklin
  3. I vote for the blue suhali ... I saw the PM & MM in store here and it is nice plus it IS the same old blue....they just re-released it for A/W. Love the suhali lockit:heart:
  4. Blue Suhali is great.
  5. i have a Suhali Lockit so i'm biased :p. the shape is nicer and the leather is exquisite.
  7. Agree with the others, Suhali is nicer. I love epi but not the Epi Lockit so much. Suhali Lockit is a dream bag for me too.
  8. Suhali! it's more resistant that Epi
  9. I'm a huge EPI fan- to the point that except for a Vernis Reade, I own no other kind of Louie. But since you love the Suhali so much, get it, as long as you can justify the price. That's the only thing keeping me back from buying it....
  10. I saw the blue suhali irl last weekend and was so tempted to buy it ... it's such a nice shade of blue ... absolutey gorgeous! I say go for it ... you won't regret it!
  11. suhali
  12. suhali:tup:
  13. Defnitely suhali! I love the style of it more in the lockit than the epi. Let us know what you decide!
  14. I vote for suhali :yes:
  15. I think I should start by seeing the blue - I have seen the blanc but not the blue. Darn, E-Lux doesn't carry it though and LV charges sales tax & delivery making it $250 more than the blac on E-Lux. Can E-Lux special order it for me? OK, I think I will not get the Epi because it isn't what I really want. Help me justify the $3000 (with tax) price!! I just lost....well, lots...I mean the stock market over the past week!