First LV Purchase Help

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  1. I'm looking to purchase my first LV bag, but would love to hear from those who already own and love LV before making a big purchase! I'm thinking about a new Speedy B 30 in DE or a pre-loved Trevi PM in DE. The DE appeals to me because of its low-maintenance quality. I want a bag that I can use every day, in the sun and snow and not have to worry about it. I also love a bag that has a shoulder strap and the option to go hands free.

    I worry that the Trevi may look a little too fancy to be used every day with casual outfits. I rarely ever get dressed up. From what I've read, though, the Trevi seems to be of better/different quality than the newer Speedy B bags. Perhaps not, though!

    I'm also a little hesitant to purchase a bag in the DE (it's my favorite of all LV prints) because of some of the stories I've read about the wear to the piping/handles and to the canvas overall with every day use. Does the DE seem like it could stand up to daily use in heavy snow/rain or daily use period? I'm not all that gentle with my bags. What was your first LV bag purchase and do you regret making it your first one? Any other thoughts/advice would be appreciated! Open to other suggestions for a first LV bag too.

    Thank you so much for all of your help.
  2. The Speedy B 30 in DE was my first LV bag and I love it.

    It holds a lot, I find it low maintenance. Some people have complained about wrinkling in the handles but mine haven't done so.

    My piping is also fine, I've had the bag for about 3 years.

    My only complaint is that the buckle for the strap sometimes tangles in my hair. So I just watch out for that. I do like the option for one bag to be crossbody/shoulder/handheld.

    I've taken it in the little rain we have here and it wipes off fine.

    It's a great starter bag.
  3. +1 except it was my 2nd lv not my first. My first was a DE neverfull mm
  4. Yes i feel like the trevi is of different material. I am leaning towards the trevi. It is a very nice bag. It may be a bit fancy but you will not regret it.
  5. Your comment about the Trevi being too fancy....wear what you want and rock it!

    I look like a well fed homeless person with a nice bag. I learned at an early age not to care what others thought.

    I have a Speedy 30 Empreinte and it holds all my crap. I'm really pleased.

    Good luck on your decision.
  6. Thank you all for your replies! I feel like the Speedy B is more casual.. but the Trevi is just so beautiful & has feet, too!

    For those of you with Speedy B's or any bag in DE, have you been disappointed by how the canvas has worn/aged?

    I can completely understand how you can fall in love with LV... bought my first SLG this year and I want a bag now!
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    My first LV was the Trevi PM and that was in 2012. It still looks brand new but I don't use it everyday. DE holds up very well except maybe on Neverfulls. I wear the Trevi with shorts and a t shirt or dressed up. It works casual or dressy I think. The shoulder strap is nice and wide so it doesn't dig into your shoulder. And as you said it has FEET!!! Still to this day, and many bags later, it's still one of my prettiest and most loved bags. And as an added bonus they sell for a great price pre loved.
    Edited to add:
    Also I have a Speedy B 25, I love that too but the Trevi is way better made. It has the alcantra lining and the hardware is much better. It's probably one of the best made bags I own.
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  8. Ill ll you after 6 mos lol I just bought the favorite pm in DE but I havent had it long yet..I have a 1997 trousse pochette in DE but there isnt much leather in it. The print is excellent though, no fading. The strap just splitted but stil intact
  9. Speedy, hands down!!
  10. Thank you, all! I think I've decided to go for the Speedy as my first and then look into the Trevi later depending on how I like the Speedy B. I'm now considering the 25... Always the question of the 25 vs the 30! Thanks again!
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  11. 25 is hard to get in and out in my opinion! i like the 30.. Good luck!
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  12. 30 is more versatile because of what it can carry. If you carry less and are okay with a narrower opening, then 25.
  13. Thanks, everyone! I think I'm going to go for the Speedy B 30. I have a feeling the opening on the 25 would drive me crazy. I appreciate your help!
  14. Also check out the turenne. I have the mm and absolutely love it! It has a nice wide opening. GL!! Also in response to your question about DE holding up mine has held up great. I've had my de neverfull mm since March of last year and use it everyday. It's been used for 2 kids and not by any means gently. It still looks brand new.
  15. Thanks, Coffee911! :smile: