First LV purchase - go for brand new or lightly used?

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  1. So I definitely want to get a Speedy 30 this year. It will be my first Louis Vuitton. While shopping around, and looking and prices and pictures, I'm just wondering what you guys think - is it better to find a lightly used bag on consignment somewhere (i guess it's about a $200 difference usually), or go ahead and buy a fresh brand new one?

    I'm trying to not go too far over budget, and the patina on the broken in bags is nice, but.. I'm still kind of thinking that it would be nice for my very first Louie to be brand new straight from LV or eLuxury.

    What do you guys think? Is it worth a splurge for your very first purchase into a new brand? Since the Speedy has been a classic bag for decades, I'm not SO worried about the investment. I know those things hold up well.

    Guidance please? :love:
  2. You just answered your own question ;).

    Personally, I would want a brand-spanking-new LV for my 1st LV. You can't beat the boutique experience and the 1st time unwrapping your LV. Have fun shopping!
  3. I think you should go for a brand new one. My first LV was a pre-owned one from eBay but I was 17 at the time. Every time I buy a brand new LV now, I get so excited about opening the package with my brand new bag (from eLux) or going to the boutique and picking one out. :yes:
  4. I have lots of used bags and have no problems with used bags but your 1st one should be new.
  5. I would have loved to have my first LV new but at the time I couldn't afford it so I went for the slightly used bag. I was still thrilled about getting it and even though I didn't get all the trimmings it's still one of my favorite bags. And I was less worried about ruining the vachetta which was nice. I think either way you'll be thrilled with your purchase and I'm sure it won't be your last. I guess it depends what's most important to you.
  6. I agree, and I'd buy it personally from a store rather than online.
  7. I just bought my very first LV last night and the experience was amazing. I was also looking on ebay for a slightly used one but decided the first has to be NEW!! I couldnt wait to get home and walk around the house with it on my arm. If you can afford it, go new!!
  8. I think you should go for the new!
  9. ^^I agree, since the Speedy is such a classic, and prices aren't horribly different for a used one in good shape- go for new! Congrats in advance on whichever one you choose!!
  10. I think for your first time you should have a full Boutique treatmeant! Used would be okay in the future if you're positive that they're real! Have fun, it's something you'll never forget. Have a good look around and find a friendly SA. Go for it!
  11. I agree. My first Louis wasn't new. I don't even remember what my first Louis WAS, though I remember it wasn't new. LOL!

    I think that was good for me not to worry too much about the vachetta since the previous owner was the one who babied it into patina. For a Speedy 30, go ahead and buy new. They are relatively inexpensive within the LV collections, and you will love it.

    Like you said, OP, it IS an investment, and I know the Speedy will never be discontinued! It's an awesome, timeless bag. Best of luck, let us know what you decide and don't forget PICTURES!
  12. mine 1st one was a present for me form the boutique....:love:
  13. Thanks for the advice guys! I think I will get a new one since it's my first LV purchase. I'll save money the next time :smile:
  14. Good choice on going brand will be all the more special if you saved up for it and bought it you need to experience the awesome-ness of patina...:tup:
  15. I agree :tup: