First LV purchase..Delightful, Totally or Speedy B?

  1. Speedy B most definitely! :smile:
  2. Agree.
  3. You may not want a speedy b then.if you over hear people mocking it and you, how will you feel? Would it be offensive to hear comments about spending thousands for a gym bag? Or an ego stroke.

    get a choice that you feel great about, and couldn't care less about other peoples opinions.

    For me, that is the speedy.and I've heard everything from compliments to insults to silence when I use it.

    Of you are on the fence, keep looking.the right bag will make you want it without won't feel expensive.
  4. I was very hesitant when I received the delightful as a Christmas gift due to the lack of zipper. I decided to keep it and bought a zippered purse to go. It was the perfect decision. I love the purse!
  5. Delightful. I have 3 kids and this is my next purchase. I use a neverfull mm right now, and it works perfect for my life! The delightful is so comfortable, and though I was in love with speedy b! I just felt that it would be uncomfortable with chasing 3 kids! Delightful PM holds so much which ever mom needs! Good luck! Enjoy your purchase you will love what ever you pick!
  6. i don't have a speedy b but i would recommend it. i love how it's versatile and a classic a the same time. congratulations on saving for an lv! it's well worth it! :biggrin:
  7. You could go online there are a few sites that sell AUTHENTIC pre-loved bags. It would open up more bags to you...that way you don't feel like you are settling. On the other hand you may want your FIRST LV to be brand new to you....

    As I said before, I am anxious to hear what you get. Loving your LV bag is essential!
  8. My vote is for delightful! I own a delightful GM and I LOve it!! Very comfortable and holds so much. Looks great with eveything I wear.
  9. Love the Delightful GM!!! Thinking that's going to be my next purchase soon! Because of the size and depth of the GM do you feel like its hard to reach into the bag and find your items? I am only 5ft but I love the zippers on the GM ... adds just a little something!
  10. another speedy b vote!!!:biggrin: the delightful is a bit annoying to get the fold right, and the totally i think looks like a diaper bag ( but that is just my opinion!!:graucho:) i agree with everyone else that with the speedy b you sort of get three bags in one... a shoulder bag, a crossbody bag & a classics handheld bag!! good luck and let us know what you got!!!
  11. So sorry to hear that your first experienced wasn't all you hoped it would be, if you saved your hard earned money the. You deserve to spend it on what you like :smile:

  12. Which size Delightful did you get? And what size purse to go? I have the delightful pm and was considering getting a zippered ptg.

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  13. my vote goes to SPEEDY B, i own one and so happy - it is such a versatile bag, plus it is iconic bag, which can be so chic as well:smile:
  14. Ditto. It's my fav, most comfortable bag. I hate my speedy. As a plus girl, my speedy stops mid-arm. It always feels heavy regardless of what I have in it. It was my first, and sits in the closet keeping the other girls company. I hope to one day get the nerve to release her from my possession, but I have not yet. When I do, I already have a new home picked out :smile:

    My Delightful is my fav bag--love the strap, the smooshy feel, the roominess--you name it, I love it.
  15. Hey Everyone,

    Just want to say thanks once more for the comments..Really appreciate it.