first LV party

  1. hi everyone! the other day my friend and i went to our first lv party ever. there was so much eye-candy and there was a jazz band playing! the good news is: items that normally have waitlist are all readily available for the night, the bad news is: i want the trevi pm but its costs around usd$400 more here in manila than if i get it in hk maybe early next year.. so in the end i decided to pass on this great opportunity, it's quite a big difference i can get an additional accessory with that amount and its not like its LE.. but i didn't go home empty-handed, LV gave everyone a cute xmas card, and its simple but it really made my day:girlsigh:
  2. aww thats really nice~! glad u had fun!!
  3. ~Cute....~
  4. Cute card! Glad you had a nice time!!
  5. always wondered what happens at those events. thanks for the input! the card is a cute reminder of that night!
  6. thanks everyone. i'm thinking of whether or not i should get the t&b complice wallet? there is only one left in our store and the SA said she'd put it on hold for me.. so i have to think and i have to think fast!please help!! and does anyone know if its coming out in damier? thanks!
  7. I am glad to hear that you had a nice time!!!
  8. So glad you had fun, the band sounds like a neat addition to the store for the night!
  9. the card is so cute.