First LV, now Hermes; Hello Kitty is at it again!

  1. I figured you Hermes gals would either think this was totally cute or totally awful. Either way, I thought you'd be interested to see it. Many of you are probably well aware of the LV-inspired Hello Kitty items out there. Now, for about 70 American dollars, you can own your very own Hermes-inspired Kitty plush complete with miniature Hermes-like bag (which looks like some sort of Kelly/Birkin hybrid).
  2. ^ LOL...that's too funny.

    But I tell ya, that Bondage Kewpie on the left scares the **** out of me.....
  3. God. Stuff like this makes me seriously wonder.
  4. I think it's kinda cute.
  5. LMAO!!!!!!!! I want to meet the one who came up with the Hello Kitty in BONDAGE!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I love Hello Kitty! That is *so adorable*! :smile:
  7. its cute!! it looks sorta crocodile or lizard-ish
  8. Trust you to notice that!!!

    I love Hello Kitty so will be looking for one of these.

    Thanks for posting the link.
  9. Oh my I've just noticed the narcotics event going on with the bondage one. I think opium den would have been better. Too much for me at this late hour!!
  10. As far as I'm concerned, nothing will ever beat the Hello Kitty "personal massager" for ladies.
  11. I thought it was cute, because I love Hello Kitty, but I noticed that some of the folks over at the LV forum didn't have such a sense of humor about some of the LV-inspired HK items.

    The bondage Kewpie was the first thing I noticed when I logged on to the site. I have bought items from Strapya World before, and I was just checking to see what's new.
  12. This Is Absolutely Precious!!!! I Love Hello Kitty (Always Have!).....I'm Going To Be Looking For This!!!!
  13. I love it!!!
  14. :lol::upsidedown::lol:
  15. I swear, I want the Kitty in Bondage.