First LV - Neverfull MM or Palermo PM?


Mar 29, 2014
Hi all TPFers! I want your opinions regarding my first LV. Been stalking all your reveals and yet to pull the trigger on my first LV. My birthday is coming soon, and I got my first bonus for my job some time ago... I have yet to buy myself something nice as a reward.

I've always gravitated towards the neverfull MM, mainly because I am a tote girl. Seems like the neverfull is a popular choice among LV lovers as well. I am a bit concerned regarding the thin shoulder straps, my current tote also has such thin straps and it has been cracking/wearing out because of the weight of the things I carry! The neverfull MM is a tad big, I tried in the LV store and it felt kinda awkward, PM is too small for the amount of things I carry.

The other day I saw a girl carrying a Palermo PM, it was a fairly patina-ed bag. I simply fell in love and couldnt take my eyes off the bag. The size is perfect. I love the patina! I dont think that my arms can fit in those two straps without getting an 'armpit wedgie' though. I have never carried bags with long shoulder straps, I dont know if I can get used to it.

What a dilemma! Help fellow TPFers! I intend to get a good workhorse bag which I can carry from work to play. Which is a better style? Of course, there is the price factor, Palermo PM is more expensive than the Neverfull MM.


Sep 11, 2012
Neverfull is my first LV bag and I absolutely love it ;) it's good for work cuz it carries lots of stuff ;) and it can also be really casual on weekends that's why I really like it ;)
But that's just my opinion, I usually carry a lot of files and sometimes even books! Been using it for almost 4 years now and still good :smile: hope that helps!


Oct 27, 2013
I love my Neverfull mm mono, it was one of my first LV's. I see you mentioned that you are concerned with the straps, on my bag the straps have softened with use, and I have no issues with cracking/wearing out. Remember that you can cinch in the sides of the Neverfull to make it smaller as well. In my humble opinion I also think the Neverfull is more classic and timeless looking than the Palermo, so might age better. I vote for Neverfull, but you should get what you love most - sounds like you love the Palermo more?
Jan 8, 2007
Go to the store and try both and see which one you fall in love with. There's been a few times I go in expecting to get one thing but I end up with something else.


Oct 5, 2012
These are my two favorite LVs! I have 4 NFs, 2 GM and 2 MM, a testament to how much I love this design. The GMs are for days I need to carry more and MMs more for daily use to carry my essentials. I find the straps to be very comfortable, especially on the Mono and DA. That being said, I recently purchased the Palermo PM and absolutely love this bag! Very versatile, can go from day to night, zipper closure, light, comfortable to carry both handheld and shoulder....and it is a gorgeous design in my opinion. It has that feminine touch with the pleating and zipper toggle and it is no where near as commonly seen as the NF. I do love my NFs but I was also looking for a practical and comfortable bag that could be a little dressier and a little more unique. So, I think these are two wonderful choices, get one now and one later😉


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Apr 30, 2014
I say go into the store and try both on and compare side by side. I have a Neverfull in the Azur and Mono is beautiful as well. But if I were choosing between the two right now I would go for the Palermo. It is actually on my list to purchase next. Just know that the Palermo has much more vechetta to worry about where the Neverfull has a lot less. As far a the NF the straps are not a problem with weight - they can hold up to 200lbs my SA said and also no cracking issues with the vechetta leather. Spend an hour or so in the store looking at the two and put some stuff inside - you know what you would usually carry to get a feel. Maybe even throw some other bags in there to look at. Make sure you let the SA know it's your first so they can explain things to you. Do not be afraid to spend some time in there because you want to be sure and happy with your purchase especially for this amount of money. I would even say go the first look at some things go home and sleep on it and go back the next day to make your purchase! Good luck my dear and make sure you share once you purchase!

I found the one I dream about is the one to get! Lol

Be Blessed MoNikki
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Oct 27, 2013
I purchased the Palermo PM as my first LV and love it. Fits everything plus im not a shoulder bag person so I like the crossbody strap. Also, I like to zip my bags and it fits that bill.
However, if you don't usually wear bags crossbody then go for the NF. I agree the PM is very small. But as mentioned above, try it in store and see what fits and which feels better worn.
Check out the Totally DE while you are at the store. I use this bag for work as it is carefree and fits a lot. It's shoulder wear, good strap thickness and zip closure.
Good luck with your decision!
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Jan 8, 2012
New York
Both are great bags. I have two neverfull MM's (mono and azur) and they are amazing. No worries with the vachetta straps. It's nice to be able to cinch the bag and instantly have a smaller one.
With that being said, I've always been drawn to the Palermo. It's a great bag. For me, the straps didn't "feel right" bc the hand carried strap felt awkward with the bags shape and the shoulder strap was long (I think you can adjust).
As others have suggested, go to the Botique and spend some time with them. You'll know :smile:


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Dec 11, 2012
"I've always gravitated towards the neverfull MM, mainly because I am a tote girl."

"I dont think that my arms can fit in those two straps without getting an 'armpit wedgie' though. I have never carried bags with long shoulder straps, I dont know if I can get used to it."
Because of these two things, I'd go with the NF. I agree that the double handles on the Palermo PM are probably too small to wear over the shoulder. If you're more of a tote girl, I'd stick with the tote option instead of going with the long shoulder strap. If you are looking at the Mono NF, I don't think cracking will be an issue with the straps but it has happened with some DE. I think most bags feel awkward in the store. Without your things inside, it's different and they also fit a littler better after the canvas softens a little. If the MM seemed a little big, try cinching the sides in.


Jan 9, 2014
What about the Palermo GM? It is a bigger size and may be better for you to carry on your shoulder. But like the others suggested, I would go and see both in person and try on before making a decision. I love the Palermo and almost bought it - until I went to the store and fell in love with the Pallas. It was more than I had planned to spend, but I really really loved her! Good luck and hope to see a reveal soon!


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Jan 3, 2010
I suggest Neverfull MM in Mono since it sounds like you prefer shoulder carry. You can always cinch the Neverfull's sides to make her smaller. I love the look of a cinched Neverfull and I carry mine cinched.

I also agree with what others posted - spend some time in the boutique and try them on. Neverfull MM feels huge when the canvas is new and crisp in the store, but it won't feel as huge after the canvas starts to break in.

Like CornishMon said, the bag that you can't get out of your head is the one to get.


Feb 12, 2014
I say get the Palermo PM - it is a gorgeous bag and sounds like you LoVe it!!! In my mind, if you don't get what you love, you will always be thinking about her.


Apr 7, 2013
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I have a mono NF MM and love it. It was my very first LV also and still use it to this day. If it is too big for you, cinch in the sides and it will look smaller. Looking at mod shots with the sides cinched in looks great. I do find that the straps do dig in, but that's only when I'm wearing a tank top and my shoulders are bare. It doesn't quite bother me and I'll just switch shoulders. Does the Palermo's strap attach at the sides of the bag? If so, that bothers me a little because I am afraid that the bag can "tilt" and swing around if that makes any sense. GL deciding.


Mar 31, 2006
LOVE this thread - Eyeing the MM Neverfull also and the comments here are extremely helpful. Think I will be pulling the trigger this weekend. Just not sure how to tell DH. Birthday and Anniversary are already over. Can one buy a Memorial Day present for themselves??