First LV: Monogramor Azur

  1. I dont have LV bag yet but eversince i joined TPF I got addicted with bags. The Last month alone i bought at least 7 bags mostly gucci, burberry and lots of coach. But reading post from LV threads its making me one want to get one too :tup:...I'm thinking of getting Speedy 25 for my first LV but cant decide if i should get Azur or Monogram. What you guys think? Should I go for classic or the newer color? :confused1:
  2. always start with a classic, my SA told me most newbies go for monogram 1st then branch out, but having said that it is summer and azur is perfect for now........sorry if thats doesnt help
  3. I think the azur would be great for summer.
  4. get the azur speedy, its gorgeous.
  5. The Azur Speedy would be great.
  6. get the monogram, it's a classic to use all year round
  7. I second the vote for the monogram - it is the perfect first bag, especially the speedy!!!
  8. Monogram
  9. Get azur!
  10. Get the mono as your first piece, then the azur later on. The mono is classic and a great bag to start with.
  11. I vote for the monogram, it's classic and goes for all seasons!
  12. I vote for mono because is classy.
  13. i personally like azur more
  14. azur vote here :smile:. azur speedy 25 is my 1st LV lol :love:
  15. The Azur!