First LV maybe?

  1. I am thinking of something that is not too expensive something about US$200+ to start off my first LV! I am thinking of starting small,because my mum doesnt let me buy a LV bag. I can afford it...its just that I dun always carry a she doesn't want me to waste money.
    We aint very rich lol...but sometimes we must learn to enjoy life with a little luxuries to pamper ourself.

    I m thinking of something practical and small. Possibilites

    1) Key and change holder (Any material wld b ok coz the price is about the same)

    2) Wallet with 6 or 9 CC....which maybe not that possible coz I already have a Bonia wallet and its pretty gd. But still possible... =)

    3) Pochette accessories for my mum! For all her hard work taking care of the family and me :yes: ...But the only problem is that she doesnt fancy small bags...she find that there is no space. I have no idea what she puts inside...PAPERS? Receipts? lol..but I can change the way she think by buying that...but I am not sure if its worth the risk.

    I want to make the most out of my money...dun wanna waste it on something i dun use. She will allow me to buy if I have a use for it...:yes:

  2. I figured out...I can start small for LV...instead of getting a bag for a start...hahaha:smile: :dothewave:
  3. you listed a lot of nice items there. the pochette accessories is a really nice gesture to your mum but if she doesn't use small bags, it will definitely be a waste. however would you wear the poch access yourself?

    i don't really know what wallets are priced at $200 as most are around $400+. however you could get an agenda and simulate it as a wallet. i think those run in the upper $200s. but it would be a great thing to have and you can read the threads on how to make it into a wallet on this forum.

    the key and change holder (cles) are small and unless you only carry a credit card or two and some cash, that's all you can get out of it. of course if you wanna use it as a bag charm, that's good too.

    my suggestion is an agenda. good luck!
  4. A cles or a $250 wallet are good starters...

    Or how about a Monogram Canvas Wapity?

    A Monogram/Damier Canvas Pocket agendas really come in handy. With the refills, it'll be around... $250- $260 USD?
  5. I was thinking... maybe a cles???
  6. Oops...forgot to state. I am a guy :p So I can't use the pochette accessories. Hahaha...

    I don't really like carry bags...because I don't have many things to put. So usually I go out with a wallet,phone and stuff everything into my pockets haha.

    I think a Cles might be a good choice. Agenda? Hmm...I already have a Palm and hardly use it. But I could consider.
  7. I started with a cles...okay, your a guy...cles for sure to start!
  8. Wapity? Not really nice for a guy to carry that. IMO

    So its down to Cles,wallet (not likely), and maybe agenda...but i will hav to check it out on the web first.
  9. Ok I think i m crazy,...but can a Nokia 8800 fit into a Cles? Hahaha...
  10. I checked out the agenda...but I don't think it suits me.

    I want something that can fit into my pocket. =) so that's out.
  11. I can't think of anything. I would consider saving up for a Louis Vuitton bag. They make amazing ones for men. Or perhaps a clutch?
  12. I think I will get either the Cles unless I find something else. Now to get approval! hahah...
  13. i would suggest the credit card holder. in mono it is $170.
  14. Credit card holder? Erm..Not for me? I want something practical like a cles maybe. Just to carry a few small items.