First LV help!

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Damier Ebene or Azur?

  1. Damier Ebene

  2. Damier Azur

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  1. Hello LV ladies!

    After many many months of admiring other peoples beautiful LV bags i have decided its about time i purchase my own. I am going to the LV boutique with a lovely tPFer to spoil myself for my 29th birthday .. new pair of Louboutins (my first obsession!) and a new handbag. Plus im heading back to uni in March so this will probably be my last full price treat for a loooooong while! (boooo!!)

    Anyway, im not going for anything exciting as such, i think i am just going to go for a Neverfull MM but cant decide whether to go for it in Damier Ebene or Damier Azur print. I have seen both prints IRL and just cant decide which so im hoping you lovelies can help me decide!! I'd be very grateful :heart:
  2. Both are gorgeous, but I'd choose Ebene. Let us know what you decide!!
  3. Ebene only because it works better with my coloring.
  4. For a fall/winter bag I would choose Ebene
  5. I would choose Ebene. The Azur has color-transfer issues.
  6. I would definitely go for the Damier Ebene.
  7. I love them both so I don't think you can go wrong with either. When pushed to choose, I would go with the Azur because it is not seen as often on others.

    Good luck with your decision!
  8. Damier Ebene. Much more of a worry free bag. And IMO better for upcoming fall/winter.
  9. Ebene. Ages better and will look newer longer, IMO.
    Happy shopping and happy b-day too!:flowers::flowers:
  10. To me it seems that the Azur NF seems to age quite quickly considering its a fairly new line. The times I've seen it recently, they all look a bit battered and bruised. Although in saying that. I love Azur as a Speedy but for your choice, especially as winter is coming up, go for Ebene.
  11. I also vote Ebene because it is so much more care free!
  12. Wow, i think Ebene wins doesnt it!! Thank you very much!! I will definitely get the Neverfull in Ebene :smile:

    Howard, thank you for the birthday wishes! :heart:
  13. damier ebene
  14. Ebene now, azur later
  15. ebene