First LV for 2007! They have arrived!!! Pics of BV and P Melville!!! ;)

  1. Hi everyone!

    A couple of weeks back I was posting about getting either a mono batignolles vertical or a pochette bosphore or damier pochette melville and everyone was being so supportive of any choice! Anyway, most of you already know (i think) that I decided to get both the BV and damier p. melville. hehe! It took some time for them to get from elux to my mom in NY to here in manila but they finally have arrived just in time for the new year!!! Talk about welcoming 2007 with new LV's!:yahoo:

    They are both perfect and my mom was so sweet to send me them to me with some chocolates and a pair of cute shoes she got on sale. ;) To be honest, I was initially feeling guilty for getting the damier pochette melville at the same time as the BV but upon receiving it now, I am just sooooo happy for buying this bag. It looks so chic and urban but yet also masculine enough for bf to borrow. Here are some pics of them babies.

    fresh from the box:

    BV box and still clothed:


    pochette melville still in his blankie:

    Hope everyone is enjoying the start of 2007!!!!!!! happy new year!!!!:party: will follow this up with modelling pics in a bit.:yes:
  2. Here are modelling pics of the super nice damier pochette melville:

  3. looks great on you, congrats!
  4. Congrats! It looks nice on you! :wlae:
  5. wow love the melville!
    great stuff and what nice mom!
  6. Congrats ! Lovely presents ! :yes:
  7. congrats!
  8. congrats!
  9. Congrats on the bags! Also the cute shoes and yummy chocolate!
  10. congratzzz:yahoo: ur mom is rockzzz :heart: ur shoes tho! hehehe
  11. Congrats on your lovely LV presents and I adore those shoes, too cute! :biggrin:
  12. nice hull! love it all!!!! ps. i c u already have a GREAT start on 2007 LOL
  13. Beautiful...congratulations!
  14. congrats:love:
  15. thank you everyone! ;)

    Here's my modelling pic of the BV which is fully stuffed with acid free paper. Please excuse the plastic covered handles... haven't removed them yet. hehe!


    and here's an old pic of me trying on an empty one at the store. The one at the store inspired me to buy the panda cles. hehe.