First LV Boutique/Store Experience...disappointing :(

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  1. I just had my first LV boutique experience. I was purchasing my second bag (the first one I purchased online) and I was so excited about the "experience"...but it was disappointing :sad:

    I have watched so many unboxing videos online and really had an idea of what to expect...all the special things that make that purchase so nice...the bag, the box, the receipt envelope, etc. I was ready to have my own experience!

    I was asked if I wanted a box. I replied that I would. I guess they had just gotten a shipment of boxes in that hadn't yet been organized, so the SA made me feel like it was an inconvenience. After waiting to be "wrapped up", I was then asked if I wanted the receipt in the bag. I said that was fine...thinking it was just the white register receipt, not the official one. Well, that was it...there wasn't a nice one, no a box with a bit of frustration...the end.

    I was a bit bummed.

    Have any of you been let down by an LV boutique or store experience?
  2. No I've never been let down at LV.
    Last time I brought a bag there was too much packaging, extra dust bags, bubble wrap and ribbon that it was a little extreme.
    But, when I brought my gst at chanel I had to beg for a camelia though. Got the box, ribbon and everything else, just really wanted the camelia.
    So I understand how you feel.
  3. Thank you for your response. Makes me feel better that someone understands :smile:

    I don't expect to make many of these kinds of purchases in my life so it was just a bit of a let down. I do love my bag!
  4. I definitely can understand. When I go to my usual store, they always make me feel special. They tell me they're going to go wrap it up and box it for me and come out with it and the receipt in the nice envelope.
    When I went to another store recently (that I had to drive nearly 3 hours to), to exchange something, they weren't even going to give me my box back and they threw my bag away and didn't give me another one! She just handed me the new receipt and my SLG in its dust bag. I had to ask for my box and bag back. She grabbed me a new box and said she threw my bag away and that I'd have to pay 10 cents (as is the law in the area) for a bag. I was annoyed and just threw the box and receipt in my bag. I'll stick with my local store...
  5. I'm sorry you were let down op.

    It really depends on the SA you are dealing with and how sensitive each individual is. I feel in terms of them asking if you want a box, not all customers want boxes. I think it's a good thing that they at least asked, some don't. It's unfortunately that there isn's a standard protocol and instead everything is discretion from store to store and sa to sa.

    My visits where always just mediocre before I met my SA. I'd say Target provided better service, lol. I've been asked if I needed boxes before too, but as far as the brown receipt envelope, I've always been given one (even 2 sometimes if I'm getting a gift receipt).

    I don't expect to much but to be acknowledged and to work with someone who has patients. If an SA is welling to pull 30 bags for me to look at without feeling obligated, that is the best "in store" experience for me.
  6. so sorry you were let down, it can really be disappointing and discouraging! Nonetheless I hope you enjoy your bag!!!
  7. that is horrible! I hope you called 1-866 to complain! 10cents!!!! Come on, it's not your fault they assumed you didn't want your bag back. When I receive crappy customer service like that, I usually say "Do I have to tell you how to do your job right?" OMGEESH!

  8. Completely agree! I think it's all about the SA's ability to read their customer and their willingness to ask questions. When I was in the San Francisco boutique, I overheard an SA ask the man she was helping if he wanted just the dust bag because he would be flying home with the bag for his wife and she figured it would be less of a hassle for him if he didn't have a box. I thought that was so perceptive of her.
    I can completely understand people not wanting a box, but they should always ask. And the receipt envelope is just a given, you should always get one of those. I'm with you, it's a shame this isn't what is done across the board. Because little things like that are what makes LV stand out for me.
  9. You are definitely not wrong to feel disappointed. These purses....not a single one... is cheap! So to be asked if you want a box is crazy! Yes, I want everything!!!!! And if this puts the SA in a bad mood than he/she can pay "half." Just saying!

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  10. I have this problem at Chanel actually. They are very stingy with the packaging from where I am from! I purchased a $800 scarf only to be given it in a tissue paper (no box) and a shopping bag. It was quite a delicate scarf to so it could easily be damaged on the way home.

    Last week also I purchased a Chanel Boy bag and they gave me the old box (cardboard) and a shopping bag that was too small for it. Did not get a Camellia flower.

    And with the Camellia flowers they are very stingy with those - I got one (on the box) for my chanel jumbo classic flap bag, nothing on the shopping bag which I have seen other people get. I was actually told that they can only give them for classic bags only (one only).

    I have never really said anything given that I am a regular customer there (and I think it is the store policy rather than the SAs). I just think that if we are spending this amount of money we should get our items packaged properly rather than these stores trying to penny pinch whenever they can in order to save a buck. A bit greedy if you ask me and small thing can go a long way for good customer satisfaction and repeat customers!
  11. Sorry- that blows. If it helps- the first time I went into an LV the nicest person was the doorman, and he looked like he felt bad for me that no one helped me! NO one helped me and I was in there awhile. Eventually someone did and I did buy my first bag from her. She was ok- nothing special. In retrospect I wish it had gone better but I was just so glad to have my bag! (P.s. I never went back to that store and have since found a diff store and SA that I like a lot!)
  12. Well I must be in a minority as I couldn't give two hoots about a box or an envelope. I've been collecting LV for over 20 years and if I kept every box or envelope I'd received I'd have a room full of nothing else. I just put them in the recycling waste as soon as I get home!!

    Sorry you felt let down by your experience.
  13. It's a purchase. It's not meant to redefine your life. I must be in the minority but unless what I am buying is a gift for someone they can skip all the fanfare and just give me my item. If my item is issue-free, that is all that matters to me. I have never heard my boyfriend say "I went to buy my car / flat screen / any big ticket item and I did not get the full experience".
  14. I was told the exact same thing at chanel
    Were you at the brisbane store by any chance?
    I managed to get a camelia anyway, but the SA made me feel so pathetic for asking.
  15. Yes it was Brisbane. When I was in Sydney (centrepoint) they were far less stingy - I got a camellia flower for each of my purchases (necklace, shoes and earrings!). Must vary store to store...:shrugs:

    Btw I love your avatar - I have the exact same Prada bag charm! So cute!