First LV...Beverly, Manhattan, Palermo, or Lockit??


Aug 17, 2007
I am getting my first LV for my birthday!!! I need your advice ladies.... I like medium sized bags that can transition from day/work to evening. Previous bags: Kooba-Sienna (black), Kooba-(Carla tan suede), Marc Jacobs-medium hobo. I am trying to learn about the advantages/disadvantages of all the LV bags (leather, structure, ease of use, etc.). By the way, I am 36, 5'6", and I like things that are a little unique. Here are a few of the Mono Canvas bags that I like so far.....
  • Beverly MM and GM
  • Manhattan PM
  • Palermo PM
  • Tivoli PM,
  • Lockit
  • Griet
  • Mirage Speedy in Bordeaux is very different, but I called and it is not available at my Charlotte, NC store or from the call center.
Any advice you can offer will be helpful!!!! THANKS.


May 19, 2006
Actually most of your choices are nice and would do the trick from day to evening. You should see them for yourself and hear which calls to you. :smile: Tivoli and Palermo are new and still fresh whilst Manhattan is very common. For limitedness, go for Griet or Mirage Speedy. The rest are permanent collections.


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Mar 31, 2006
I'd say Lockit, it's one of my most favorite LV styles, and it's very versatile, but then again, I do love the mirage speedy, it can easily transition from day to night, and it's definitely an unique bag. And the Griet is a great everyday bag. All of the choices you have are all great bags. Do you prefer handle bags or bags that you can wear on your shoulder? Have you put any thought into the mono speedy, that's a great starter LV bag, very classic. Have you decided definitely on mono canvas, or you are still open on the other styles, like epi or damier?
I would agree and say to view all of your choices in person in an LV boutique, and try them on, and see which one call to you!
Btw, Welcome to the Purse Forum!!


Aug 17, 2007
Thanks for the input. I agree that the lockit is classic. I am definitely open to the other patterns - epi, damier, etc. I think that the ivoire Epi in the Lockit and Bowling Montaigne GM are beautiful. Also, the Trevi PM Damier looks like it would be a versitle bag. There are too many to choose from...... :s


Aug 17, 2007
I think that the Beverly is my first choice. It is unique, and a good medium size to use during the day and still be small enough to take out at night without looking like I'm carrying a tote. Maybe in the Spring I will buy the Ivorie Epi Lockit.

Have you seen the Mirage Speedy in the Black or the Bordeaux? It is a stunning bag!


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Jun 7, 2007
If you have choice like this, I highly recommend you to go to the boutique.
because it's easier to see if you like them or not. Moreover, you can see if it's good on you or not.

just dress normal or dress as you want to use the bag mostly with.

out of those, I love the Lockit. then again, I tried it on at the boutique. I loved the Jasmin over the Lockit in Epi. Because I could see them IRL.


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Apr 23, 2007
Well, I don't own any of these bags personally but this is what I've heard/trial'd...
  • Beverly MM and GM - The GM is huge!!! I really like MM though and tried it on at the boutique. It's one of the few mono bags that I like. It looks good hand-carried or shoulder. I've seen it patina'd and it looks great!
  • Manhattan PM - Can only be hand-carried. But I like the buckles on the pocket.
  • Palermo PM - I don't really like this bag. The straps seem so skinny. I saw it in the boutique and wasn't impressed.
  • Tivoli PM - Most people are going for the GM. I've seen lots of modeling pics and it doesn't look that big.
  • Lockit - Love it! Really cute...can go with casual or dressy.
  • Griet - A lot of people have said this is heavy and kind of cumbersome to get in and out of. It doesn't seem like a very practical bag...just nice to look at.
  • Mirage Speedy in Bordeaux - I'm still kicking myself for missing out on this one. I had the chance to get it in Noir but psyched myself out.
Any advice you can offer will be helpful!!!! THANKS.[/quote]

My vote would be for the Lockit or Beverly MM....depending on how important a shoulder bag is for you.


May 26, 2007
They're all great bags.. My suggestion is to go into the store and try them out all, so you will see how they look on you.
By the way, I love Manhattan PM and Lockit, so if I were you I would choose one of these. (But I'm biased, since I have the Lockit :P)
Let us know what you get and have a great shopping!


Aug 17, 2007
Thanks for all the great input. I will go to the boutique in Charlotte tomorrow to see how each one looks on me. I like the way the buckle breaks up the LV mono on the Beverly, but I wasn't sure if the MM was going to be too small for everyday. Do any of you like the Mono Vernis styles??? I think the Roxbury in red is fun. I wish it came in a lockit style. Also, have you seen the 2008 cruise Rubis style with the red patent accents. I like the uniqueness of it but the smallest is a Neo that is a big open bucket 14x12x11.