First Lv bag


Which first Lv?

  1. Lv pochette damier azur

  2. Lv pochette damier

  3. Lv pochette monogram

  4. neither of these, get another one

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  1. Hi everyone, I posted this in another lounge but I wasn't getting any response, so here i go again.
    I'm saving up for my first Lv and these months I can't put a lot of money aside so I'm going to get a smaller one and then save up for a bigger purchase (dreaming of speedy azur en speedy mini lin).

    I also would like to ask: which small accesories go nice with the azur line?
  2. I voted for the Azur pochette because it's new so you'll more than likely be the only one to have it in your workplace/school/area/whatever for at least a little while. The color goes nicely with winter whites and with fresh airy summer colors so it will be a nice year round bag that is a bit different.
  3. I voted Azur also. It is new and pretty.
  4. that is one hard decision....
    Has any one in particular "called" to you?

    ps: it sounds like you have a taste for Damier, and like Azur . . .so . . .
  5. I picked the Damier Azur pochette, and I think the Azur pochette cles would match it well as an accessory. :smile:
  6. I also voted for azur pochette, just love that line! ITA with divabeadz
  7. Azur! The others will always be there if you want them later.
  8. I voted for: get another one!

    I personally don't like any LV pochettes because they're too small as an actual bag but too big as a real accessory pouch. It's not that I can't get my arm through the strap lol cuz I've heard some people complain about it, I just sincerely don't like it and I think the canvas inside les pochettes accessoires is cheap (especially the azur ones...but the alcantara in the saleya is a diff story :biggrin:).
  9. I vote for pochette in Azur, I love this bag, I have used mine so many times since I bought it, it is so practial and versatile, it goes with warm and cold colors.
  10. Damier...not only is it NEW, but completely WEATHER PROOF!!!
  11. I got for the regular's so classy and understated and will go with almost everything in your wardrobe!
  12. I'd save my $ and go with something bigger.
  13. pochettte azur
  14. I voted for the monogram pochette - you can never go wrong with that!
  15. Love the mini pochette in Azur...Otherwise, I'd really try to save up a little more for the Speedy...