First LV Bag?

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  1. hi everyone, (this is my first post! please give me a warm welcome :heart:)

    i wanted some help deciding on my very first louis vuitton bag! i've always considered purchasing one, but i think i'm finally ready to take the plunge after some saving.

    the only problem is.. i have no idea which bag to get! i typically like shoulder/crossbody bags, and i was looking to get a monogram piece as i just love the print.

    here are the bags i'm currently considering:

    palm springs mini - i love this little bag! i think it's so cute, and it'd definitely be more carefree as it has treated leather rather than vachetta.. but i'm a bit concerned about some of the things people have said about it (fussy zipper closure, fraying issues, etc.). and it's also a bit trendy so i'm not sure if i'll still love it after a few years. BUT i also don't know if it'll always be available for purchase, so i'm tempted to get it first just to make sure it doesn't get discontinued and i lose my opportunity to get one forever..

    speedy bandoliere 25 in monogram - this is so classic in my eyes and i don't think i could really go wrong with it, but i'm a little worried about the vachetta. i feel like i'd have to baby it a great deal, and as it'd be my first bag, i'm not sure what i'd do on rainy days :sad: and also, i could always get this bag later on. however, it'd definitely fit all my things comfortably and i feel like it'd be a great "grab and go" bag.

    favorite mm in either monogram or de - i think this would definitely be the most carefree more for me. i could envision myself taking this everywhere.. from the grocery store to a nice dinner without the crossbody strap. however, i feel like it might be a bit too simple and i'm not sure if it'd be as exciting to carry.

    in the back of my mind, i'm also considering the alma bb! i'm not totally in love with the silhouette, but it seems like a really cute crossbody bag for everyday use as well as for dressier occasions.

    what would you get if you were in my position? i'm so torn!!
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  2. The thing is, all the ones you’re thinking of are very different... So the best advice would be to go with what makes your heart sing, since it’s not really a practical choice.

    That said:

    1. The backpack is cute as heck, and I think the trendiest part of it is the bulky black straps (that make it comfortable though!). The rest of the shape is pretty timeless, you’ll see LV backpacks of various sizes over the years. PSM is the smallest so far but the shape won’t age poorly in my humble opinion

    2. I know vachetta worries seem rampant but honestly I live in a rainy town and don’t baby my bags - they still look excellent. There’re cheap treatments you can coat it in prior to taking it out in the rain if you want.

    3. Favorite is super practical but I agree with you, I don’t think it’s that exciting unless you’ve been hunting for it and really love it like I know some people do

    4. Alma was my sister’s choice for her first LV bag (she was a Gucci & Fendi girl before). She’s not regretting it at all, but I don’t see her reach for it as often as her other bags. She likes the silhouette as well, and loves seeing it on her shelf, but doesn’t use it much. Do with that what you will

    Final thoughts: PSM or Speedy B would be the best choices in my opinion
  3. The most boringly asked question to reply : Do you have a store near you? If yes then go try them. If not I would wait to try them.
    You might obsess about a bag, however when you see it on you, you hate it.

    I had saved the money to buy a Lady Dior, I went in the store ready to get it, tried it on, tried another one, tried my ABCDior, in my mind i couldn't justify the money i was about to pay. there was nothing wrong with the bag, i still believe it's a beautiful bag but i'd rather buy 2 workhorse LVs in that price...
    Therefore, just go try them on and see how you feel about them...
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  4. Speedy 25 was my first LV (it’s 16 years old and still in amazing shape — went to LV yesterday and the SAs were somewhat surprised). It’s my favorite bag, I use it constantly, I’d go with the speedy b 25 (or 30) for your first bag. I have the other two bags you mentioned as well and they ads great (well. I just got the PSM last week and has had the Favorite for 6), but I think the versatility of the speedy b makes it the best first LV.

    good luck with your decision!
  5. Welcome!

    Speedy b:

    Use can use it top handle, on shoulder or crossbody. Only concern will be the vachetta getting wet and leaving a mark. Happens to every bag at some point. You will have a breakdown and freak out like the rest of us. Then you will accept the “beauty mark” and focus the more important things happening in your life. When the patina gets darker the water spots seem to blend in anyway. You could even do mon monogram and pay a little more to pick your colors and add your initials! Great first bag and you will have it forever! Only con is the opening is small.

    My 2nd recommendation is the favorite. You can use it with the chain or various straps. You can wear it as a clutch, on shoulder or crossbody. You can always buy a monogram strap to make it rainproof.

    Cons: magnetic closure some people say bag falls and their items fall out. Some people also had issue with folding line on flap at magnetic. Plus it is a nightmare to find these days....
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  6. My vote goes to the Alma BB. I personally find it the most versatile bag out of all the ones you have listed. It can be dressed up or down. It can be carried hand held, cross body or on the shoulder.its also fits more than it looks like it can.

    Nothing beats going into a store and trying them on though
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  7. The PSM has tons of quality issues. I'd scratch that out quickly.
  8. Also,I didn't see that you mentioned the Alma BB as a possible. I have that one too (in DE) and I love it. I would still lean toward the speedy b as the first bag, though.
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  9. those were the two i was considering most out of all 4!

    the only thing with the speedy is, i'm not sure if i'll love the deep honey color the vachetta turns after a few years. have you found that it makes the bag look old/aged once it patinas quite a bit?
  10. i do have a store near me! i wish i could just go and try them all on, but because the psm and the favorite are so hard to come by, there aren't any in store near me. for those i think i'll just have to guess!
  11. Larger size: Speedy B 25
    Smaller size: Alma BB

    Both are so versatile - carried in multiple ways (hand, elbow, shoulder, cross body), removable straps, hold a decent amount and are comfortable to use.
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  12. ah i figured it'd be a bag i'd be able to get a lot of use out of, so i was definitely strongly leaning towards that or the psm. are there any other bags you reach for more than the speedy?
  13. thank you!!
    do you have a preference between the 25 and 30 for the speedy b? i wasn't 100% sure which size i'd get, but from videos and photos, the 25 seems to be more suited for crossbody wear
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  14. my only concern with the alma bb is i'd want the monogram one, but there's so much vachetta on it i'd be super worried about it :sad:
  15. anything else to note aside from the difficult zipper and fraying of the leather around the d-rings?