First LV Bag?

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  1. Long time lurker, first time poster! I got a big holiday bonus at the end of last year and I thought I would finally treat myself to a bag. I've been debating getting a bag from consignment or buying new.

    What did you ladies end up doing? What was your first LV bag? Do you have any regrets?
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  2. My first bag was the Croisette in DE. It’s perfect for me as I prefer smaller bags when I’m going out. I bought it new on my first trip to Paris, so It has a lot of sentimental value as well! I just adore it. No regrets.
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  3. Congrats on your bonus! For your first bag, I would go into the boutique and look around and have the boutique experience. It would be a nice memory and treat for yourself. My first bag was purchased in store and it was so worth it. We had champagne and it was a experience I’ll always remember.
  4. My first was a mono speedy, then a DE speedy. Still have and love the, both but rarely wear either. My eye is on a black empriente Pochette Métis
  5. Congrats! You should buy new the first time, unless you have your heart set on a discontinued model. Bought my first LV last year - the Speedy B 25 in DE (my avatar) - and it's a fond memory even though I felt nervous when I handed over all that money! Was originally going to get a classic, but a cash gift made it possible to buy the bandouliere, which I felt would be much more practical for my lifestyle. No regrets at all! Have fun and let us know what you choose.
  6. Why do you barely wear either?

    I'm so worried that I'll buy a bag and then be terrified of wearing it in case i ruin it haha
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  7. I’ve had them nearly 10 years. They are still nice but not really my style right now. But cannot bring myself to sell, because I think I’ll want them later. The price increases since then make me even more reluctant!

    As far as a fear of ruining it, I understand because I have a few that I absolutely love but was initially scared of damage, particularly color transfer or fingerprints on light colored bags.

    But the fear eventually wears off haha. My speedys still look great after 10 years.

    Get something you love and enjoy it!
  8. If you are afraid of the bag showing wear, then go with damier ebene. My pochette is 11,5 years old, and - besides the hardware - looks new.
  9. As a newbie, I'd suggest to buy something brand new in store! I made my first purchase in mid '18 and when I walked out of the LV store with an LV shopping bag in my hand; I encountered many stares! It was quite amusing. Your first time in the store along with your first purchase will be a memorable thing. As for which bag to get, think about what's practical in your life and whether or not you'll grow out of it. In other words don't buy to resell/regret..get something you can see yourself using forever! That's just my 2 cents. When I was trying to decide I looked on the LV site to check out their collection then went on youtube to see what people's reviews were on the item, and then went to the store to see it in person and finally decided to get it. Good luck
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  10. My first was the petit bucket, new. I ended up selling her, missing her, and repurchasing years later... new at a very increased price which hurt. Still have the 2nd one! And I use the “midi” Pochette it came with in almost every other bag I own. Love it.

    I say buy new for your first. Get something that fits your lifestyle that you know you will use. If you can, go to the store & get the whole experience trying different styles on.

    Let us know what you decide & good luck!
  11. I recommend going to a store and enjoying the full experience. Talk to the sales rep, ask questions, and you'll find the perfect bag for you.

    My 1st LV was a Mono NF MM and I LOVE LOVE LOVE her. It's practical for work, travel, running errands, etc. You can never go wrong with a Neverfull!

    Post pics when you decide and congratulations on the bonus and new bag!
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  12. I just got my first LV (speedy b 25 in DE) in December, and I absolutely adore it! No regrets at all! I also think the Croisette is super cute, but for my first I wanted something more classic.
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  13. My first LV was a Speedy 30 in Damier Ebene. I wanted something classic but I preferred DE to monogram because it was more understated. I’ve had it for 8 years now and don’t regret it all. It’s one of my most treasured bags. I will say sometimes it’s a little impractical since you can’t add a strap or wear on your shoulder but I love it nonetheless.
  14. Congrats on the bonus! For your first it helps to establish your budget. Not all Louis' are the same price so prepare for sticker shock if youre not too familiar with the brand. Then think about what shape and style you would use the most. Then go to the store and have a fabulous day!
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  15. Hi! Actually I got my first LV today! It is a croisette and I am in love! I went to the store. Took today off from work so I could go at a nice and quiet moment. There was only 1 other couple with me in the store. Was a nice experience.

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