first lv bag, trevi pm or tivoli pm

  1. want to buy my first ever designer bag, cant decide which one to get. fell in love with both. tivoli seems a little small and can't put on the shoulder, trevi seems a little bigger for everyday bag. any advice u can give me?
    Thanks a lot!!!!!!!
  2. I think you should go with the Trevi... I am madly in love with the shape.
  3. tivoli pm...
  4. I love the Trevi!!
  5. Both can be used for work and play but the Trevi can fit much more in.

    You would have to consider the items you would be putting in, as well as if you prefer the Monogram or Damier Canvas.

    The bags are just lovely in real life... :drool:
  6. How about a Speedy?
  7. Definitely the trevi, it's very worry free with no vachetta on it and you can carry it a few different ways !
  8. Me 2! :p
  9. TREVI

    You can carry it 2 ways, it's bigger, and it is worry free! They are both beautiful bags though!
  10. either bag is beautful. but i vote for the Trevi too. its a bit more dressed-up and versatile.
  11. trevi. (im biased) is much better than a tivoli since im not a fan.
  12. Another vote for Trevi.
  13. I have the Tivoli PM and I adore the size and shape, but I hate that is has vachetta. I love the shape of the Trevi and it's a worry-free bag, but even the PM is too big, in my opinion.
  14. I would based it on what you want to use the bag for, if it's for just outings, I'd go with the Tivoli. But if you intend to use it everyday I'd go with the Trevi!

    It's a tough choice, I personally love both bags and hope to get both one day! *dreams on*
  15. personally, i will go for the tivoli. just dont feel anything for the trevi.