First LV Bag... thoughts?

Nov 20, 2007
Hey all, I am looking to get my first (!!) LV bag! I had a long standing obsession with Balenciaga, but think an LV may be more practical.

I want a more classic shape, and I was thinking of either the Speedy, Alma, or Neverfull (size TBD)... but i'm open to suggestions!



Apr 14, 2006
Southern California, USA
I'm personally not a fan of the alma, and I have 2 speedy's (Azur 25 and mono 30) which I love, they are truly great bags. I also have a Neverfull MM, which is a nice bag, but I hardly ever use it over my other bags.

So my opinion, go with a speedy for a great classic bag (in any of the styles, mono, damier, azur, epi, MC, mini lin.....) or if you want something a bit in between a speedy and an alma how about a lockit (which I love!!!)



Apr 14, 2006
Southern California, USA
between the speedy 25 and 30, which one do you like more? I was leaning towards the speedy =)
It's hard to say. My perfect speedy would be a size between the 25 and 30. All my everyday things fit nice and snug in my 25, Nothing moves around, but I have less room to fit more if I needed to. In the 30 all of my stuff slides around but I have more room if I need to carry more things.

I'm tall (6'0") and not skinny, but I still rock small and bigger bags, so I don't find that the speedy 25 looks too small on me, because I think it looks just fine. When I first got the 30 I thought it was a bit big, but I've gotten use to it.

If you don't like the speedy to sag, you'll have less problem with the 25 sagging over the 30. I don't mind the sag personally, so either one is fine with me. I love both of my speedy's, and I find that the mono and damier look great in both sizes, but I prefer the Azur in the 25.


Nov 21, 2007
I love the Mini Lin speedy's.

I love that there is no Vachetta to worry about and you still get the LV logo. And not everyone has it.

May I know is the mini Lin speedy not easy to take care of?because it is fabric not canvas.I like this one too..just worry about the cleaning problem.:sweatdrop:


In a riveting LV trance
May 17, 2006
The neverfull is good to start off because it's value and it will not be too common. It's roomy and very practical! I love the speedy because it's classy, but if you like something easy to hold...I'd love the neverfull.

I love the speedy too and won't get it only because my bf's sister in law has a fascination with them and has all the good ones in her possession! You get one if you won't ever be in the same position as me :smile:


Dec 6, 2006
A speedy is a great start for a collection, I got my first speedy, and first LV for that matter, this year and I love it so much! I didn't think I'd like it because it's handheld but I've actually turned away from shoulder bags now. I dont think you'd regret a Speedy! :smile: