First LV Bag... thoughts?

  1. Hey all, I am looking to get my first (!!) LV bag! I had a long standing obsession with Balenciaga, but think an LV may be more practical.

    I want a more classic shape, and I was thinking of either the Speedy, Alma, or Neverfull (size TBD)... but i'm open to suggestions!

  2. I love the Mini Lin speedy's.

    I love that there is no Vachetta to worry about and you still get the LV logo. And not everyone has it.

  3. I'm personally not a fan of the alma, and I have 2 speedy's (Azur 25 and mono 30) which I love, they are truly great bags. I also have a Neverfull MM, which is a nice bag, but I hardly ever use it over my other bags.

    So my opinion, go with a speedy for a great classic bag (in any of the styles, mono, damier, azur, epi, MC, mini lin.....) or if you want something a bit in between a speedy and an alma how about a lockit (which I love!!!)

  4. between the speedy 25 and 30, which one do you like more? I was leaning towards the speedy =)
  5. I'd get a speedy
  6. It's hard to say. My perfect speedy would be a size between the 25 and 30. All my everyday things fit nice and snug in my 25, Nothing moves around, but I have less room to fit more if I needed to. In the 30 all of my stuff slides around but I have more room if I need to carry more things.

    I'm tall (6'0") and not skinny, but I still rock small and bigger bags, so I don't find that the speedy 25 looks too small on me, because I think it looks just fine. When I first got the 30 I thought it was a bit big, but I've gotten use to it.

    If you don't like the speedy to sag, you'll have less problem with the 25 sagging over the 30. I don't mind the sag personally, so either one is fine with me. I love both of my speedy's, and I find that the mono and damier look great in both sizes, but I prefer the Azur in the 25.
  7. The speedy will always be a classic!!
  8. May I know is the mini Lin speedy not easy to take care of?because it is fabric not canvas.I like this one too..just worry about the cleaning problem.:sweatdrop:
  9. how about gettng a damier or epi speedy?
  10. The speedy would be an awesome first LV!
  11. The neverfull is good to start off because it's value and it will not be too common. It's roomy and very practical! I love the speedy because it's classy, but if you like something easy to hold...I'd love the neverfull.

    I love the speedy too and won't get it only because my bf's sister in law has a fascination with them and has all the good ones in her possession! You get one if you won't ever be in the same position as me :smile:
  12. A speedy is a great start for a collection, I got my first speedy, and first LV for that matter, this year and I love it so much! I didn't think I'd like it because it's handheld but I've actually turned away from shoulder bags now. I dont think you'd regret a Speedy! :smile:
  13. I would go with a mono speedy.
  14. I agree with the ladies a speedy would be a great bag to start.
  15. I agree that a speedy would be a great first bag. I am 5'5" and I love the 25, but I can easily see the allure of the 30.