first lv bag suggestions please!

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  1. Hi everyone, I have been reading through so many other super helpful threads and comments on this page and I thought I would ask for your input. I recently purchased the zippy compact wallet in monogram and have been absolutely loving it so far and am now planning to get my very first Louis Vuitton handbag. I tend to prefer cross body bags because of the convenience factor and would love a bag that could function well in both casual and more formal settings. I have a petite frame (5'4" 120 lbs) so larger bags that I think look beautiful on others tend to look oversized on myself and don't suit me very well. I have been looking at the Pochette Metis, Croisette, Alma BB in Damier Ebene, and Montaigne BB in Monogram. If anyone could offer some advice either regarding the bags I've been interested in or just in general I would be so appreciative! Also I have seen a few other recent-ish threads discussing the Zippy compact but if anyone would like more detailed pictures/info I would be more than happy to share.
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    Welcome to the LV family!!!! And congrats on your zippy compact!

    I would go for either the Alma BB in DE or the Montaigne BB in Mono. I think both silhouettes work great in casual and more dressy situations. My personal opinion: Damier Ebene is the most versatile canvas from LV. I think it works the best for both casual and formal situations. I have pieces in all three canvases, DE, DA and mono and if I want an LV canvas piece for a more formal setting, 99.9% of the time it's a Damier Ebene piece [emoji5]

    If you have a boutique nearby, go and spend some time trying on!

    Whatever you chose, make sure you LOVE it! That's all that matters [emoji4] best of luck!!! Can't wait to see your reveal!!!
  3. They are all gorgeous bags ❤️❤️❤️

    But my choice would be the montaigne bb. Your zippy compact wallet would also fit in it with room to spare.

    I hope someone has all 4 and do a back to back comparison here :smile:
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  4. You can't go wrong!
    And don't forget to show us your bag once you decide! :smile::heart:
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  5. I pick the Pochette Metis. I love that bag. Great for casual and semi-dressy occasions. :smile:
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