First LV bag... Mini Lin Speedy?

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  1. I am SO THRILLED to have found this forum!!! I can't believe there are so many people who feel as I do about bags & accessories! I've been collecting Coach for years and have finally decided to try an LV purse. I don't want something that is too obvious or bright since where I live hardly anyone carries designer bags, some find it too showy etc... (not me!)

    Anyway... I wanted to ask if anyone had a Mini Lin Speedy and what they think of the quality of that fabric? Do the speedys sag or keep their shape, etc. I'm very careful with purses, my other bags look like new but they're leather not fabric. Is the Speedy 30 too large for someone who doesn't carry much? Would the Damier Saleya PM be a better choice?
  2. I have this bag and love it. It has worn wonderfully. Its light even with things in it, easy to carry. I say go for it.
  3. Thanks for your reply, I think it's quite a nice elegant purse and am very tempted to order it soon:yes:!
  4. I bought it - I regreated immediatly after but soon came to love it. It is very light, matches everything and is though it is a logo bag, most people seem to not recognize it. It is a good size - a little fits well but then you can put a magazine, bottle of water and more in when you need to.
  5. i love speedy 30...
    I used to carry only wallet, key and cellphone but it still looked great...
    Its not big at all...

    I like mini lin speedy but Im scared of colors gonna be fading as you use it... But if its mini lin dune I think it will look great but becareful for corners...

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  6. It is a beautiful looking bag, and the speedy itself is as addictive as LV is! I have 2 (mono and azur 30s) and take them for granted, they're so perfect. It holds as little or as much as you want and while some don't like the sag, I love it!! Have fun deciding and remember to post a pic when you get yours!!
  7. I have both the ebene and dune mini lin speedy and I LOVE them both
  8. Since you have Coach bags, I assume signature, maybe it's time to move on up to coated canvas, a waterproof and durable material that will retain its beauty for decades.

    I recommend Damier, especially for up here in the PNW -- either the Speedy 30 or the Saleya PM. I have a Saleya PM and I LOVE it. It was my first LV bag, got it two years ago, it is still practically like new.
  9. I think that sounds like a wonderfully unique purchase! Good luck to you for your first bag. Be sure to post here when you get it!!!
  10. fyi, they are coming out with new color... I dont know what color you will be buying but mini lin dune will be replaced with new called patene...
  11. i'm not a fan.... so sorry, but good luck on your first LV purchase and keep us updated!
  12. I just bought one from a fellow TPFer. I'm still waiting for her arrival but I am so excited to hear all the great things others are saying.
  13. I have the Mini Lin Speedy in the Ebene and it is an eyecatcher. What I love about the Mini Lin is that I don't have to baby its handles! Mine has the sag happening but if I put a base shaper it holds its shape pretty well. One thing I'm a little unhappy about is the padlock leaving a slight orangey stain on the fabric. Overall though, I love the Mini Lin Speedy and it's a must for all Speedy lovers!
  14. IMO the Mini Lin in ebene is one of the best bags ever!! Nothing to baby, very lightweight, understated and elegant. I've had one for over a year now and was carried non stop through the winter and ugly weather and it has aged perfectly. Water just rolls right off if you're caught in the rain.
    As for the size, the 30 is perfect. Not too big, room to spare and easy to get in and out of (I find the 25 opening to be too small to comfortably take things in and out of).
    Best of Luck with your purchase :yahoo:
  15. Mini Lin in ebene is fabulous!! It's such a cutie !!! Go for it, you won't regret :tup: