First LV bag.. Favourite MM??

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  1. Hello, as my title suggests, I'm looking for my first Louis Vuitton bag.. so exciting! For the last goodness knows how long I had my heart set on a Speedy 25 or 30 (feelings about each size?) in monogram. This then changed to Damier ebene, then to an ebene Neverfull MM, and back to a monogram Speedy. However, a couple days ago I saw a monogram Favourite MM and I think I'm in love! Although I will definitely be getting the Favourite at some point, my question is, would you go for this as a first Louis, or would you stick with a speedy? Also any opinions on de or mono speeds would be fab!
  2. i would stick to a speedy honestly. I purchased a speedy b 25 in damier ebene as my first LV and later purchased the favorite pm in monogram. I chose a speedy first because i use it as an every day bag and know the favorite would be too small for everyday for my needs. also, i ended up getting ebene for the speedy vs mono because i didn't want to worry about the vachetta handles getting dirty or getting caught in the rain. let us know what you end up deciding!
  3. Depends on lifestyle. If you carry a lot with you I would suggest a speedy or NF. I personally bought a speedy 25 as my first bag over a decade ago and it's such a great size for everything. I would end up using a favorite very seldom cause of the size.
  4. I have all three in different canvas prints but I definitely get the most use out of my Speedy 30 DE. It's very versatile because of the different carry options, the fact that it zips up for more security against sticky fingers and the rain and that the lack of patina makes it a bit less high maintenance. However, I have been using my Favorite nonstop this summer because of the fresh DA print and it's very convenient for quick outings. It never gets in the way and stays close to my body.
  5. Like what the others said, it really does depend on your lifestyle. Do you carry a lot of things with you everyday or not? Consider how much use you'll get for each bag and weigh in your options. Go for the bag that you will get the most use of!
  6. Thankyou for all the replies! I've been through my big bag phase and generally go for something I can fit the necessities in and can't fill with crap! I think I'm going to go with the DE Speedy, unsure of sizing as I've read lots of pros and cons for both and am still unsure, I'm 5'2 and obviously height makes a difference! The favourite I might have to buy on my trip to Rome in August!
  7. So glad you're getting both! I think you should go for the smaller bag. I'm also on the shorter side, 5 flat to be exact, and I find that big bags tend to "eat" me and make me look smaller.
  8. i'm 5ft also and i completely agree!
  9. I'm 5'2 and I have the Speedy B 25 in DE. It sits really well on me when I wear it crossbody - I compared the 25 and 30 in store and to me, the 30 just looked huge! It was just massive and the Speedy tends to sag at the bottom if you fill it too much and I knew I would just keep putting things in if I had the space so I chose the 25 instead. Get the Speedy first, it is a lovely bag! :smile:
  10. Hmm, I completely agree with big bags eating me! I was planning on ordering online, but think I may have to take a trip down to London to compare the 25 and 30! Will keep you updated and let you know what I choose!
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  11. i actually use my Favorite more during the week and when I'm taking my kids out and about, i pull out my speedy 25B on the weekends. i think it really have to do with what you carry on the daily and would you prefer cross body or handheld. If the B is an option, my vote is to get that first. Its so versatile.
  12. See I love the look of the B, and I would love a mono B, but because I'm a G cup, I hate the way cross body bags sit on me. I'm a 21 year old with no children, and work my butt off as a nanny, so this will definitely be a weekend only bag! At the moment for work & weekends I'm just using a River Island bag that is the roughly the same size as a neverful MM, which will go down to just my work bag! Generally on weekends I carry my wallet, phone, keys, diary, sunglasses (which really need to start going in their case when in my bag!!), water bottle, small makeup bag, pack of baby wipes (the nanny in me), perfume & small pouch with lip balm, paracetamol, tampons etc.
  13. My first LV bag was a Speedy25. I love the bag as much now as I did 25 years ago when I purchased it. Has been a go to bag despite life style changes.... career changes, children, no children, parental caregiver, single, married it's always been a practical piece. There's never been a time when I was not using it. I own a Favorite MM. I like it has physical limitations. Right now i going g through a phase in life in which it's not practical. By the way, my husband gave me a speedy 40 on a trip to Paris 6 years ago. I use it more often than the Favorite. Speedy is just a great piece that with stands time. I hope I was able to help you. GL
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  14. Girl! you're bless in that department :biggrin:. I really don't wear my B cross body unless the situation calls for it. I love it most when it's shoulder carry and hand held. its the fact that i have the option to do so with the B that i like this bag so much. I can't do strictly handheld. The Favorite might not be able to hold a water bottle for you. If you love tote style like your work bag then you can't go wrong with a NF. take your time and trying things out if you have a boutique near by. Shopping around is half of the fun!
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  15. Haha, it's a blessing for just about everything except my cross body needs! I'm definitely going to need a trip down to London to have a trying on session! I've also got a shawl dilemma aswell! I did post in the shawl club thread but haven't had any responses! Don't know if anyone will be able to help me here, I'm also after my first shawl but I want every colour haha, it's definitely going to be another case of going and having a look and trying on. I found a gorgeous outfit but can't pinpoint the colour of the scarf, so it's either between that one and the blue denim mono.. I want something I can wear year round, but would also be able to wear to a late September wedding.. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!