First LV arrived! Manhattan PM and MC Agenda!

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  1. My first LV pieces arrived yesterday and today: a Manhattan PM bag and multicolore small ring agenda! They are so pretty and I'm excited but nervous to use them! My Shining Monkey is still on its way to me. My excitement was however dampened somewhat with a bad experience with my FedEx guy (rant in separate post).

    I do have one question though - do agenda have date codes? I had posted a question about the authenticity of an agenda once in TPF and someone had asked me for a photo of the date code. I looked but couldn't find one in the MC agenda. :shrugs:

    Well, onto pictures! :yahoo:(Please try to ignore my incredibly messy room! EEEK!) :sweatdrop:

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  2. LOVE your new items! Congrats! The Manhattan is really one of my faves.
  3. I thought your room was my room:blush:
  4. Ooooooo very nice, the manhattan looks great on you.
  5. Great choices - love 'em!! Congrats!!!!!!!!
  6. congrats! love the new purchases!
  7. Congrats!
  8. Pretty! Love them both!
  9. Congrats! Great choices! =)
  10. It's gorgeous! I love that bag!! CONGRATS!
  11. Love both pieces, congrats! What a great way to start off with LV!
  12. Love them both! I want a manhattan so bad!
  13. WOW! Great first pieces! Love them, congrats!
  14. WOW...congrats!!!! What a great way to start your collection!
  15. Congrats!!! great choice..looks great on you!