First LV: Any suggestions?

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  1. After reading everyone posts, I've decided I want an LV also. What would be a good starter? (My bag collection now is mostly Coach)
  2. The speedy is the way most people go, but I love the BH. So if you like shoulder bags, I recommend BH, but if you want that classic handheld look, Speedy is it.
  3. If it were me I wouldn't buy a Mono Speedy. I would get the BH or something in the Multicolore line. My first LV was the MC pochette in white.
  4. oooh, me too :biggrin:!

    yes, if you want a handheld bag, then a Speedy or Trouville would be good, and it doesn't necessarily have to be the regular Monogram line.

    or if you want a shoulder bag, the Popincourt Haut or Batignolles Horizontal would be nice too
  5. My first LV was and is the Damier Saleya PM.

    I was going to get a speedy but I like this bag much better. It's hot stuff.
  6. this PF forum is addictive...haha first bag was the MC bucket's a classic....oh and the papillon 30 would be a good's the love of my life...ofcourse mine is with the original straps...I LOVE IT more then all of my other bags...
  7. Welcome to PF!:flowers: I think mono speedy is a great starter piece! It's a great bag for the $$$!:yes:
  8. Welcome! I agree about the Speedy and what you get for the price, it is a very nice bag!
  9. My first was a mono speedy 25 and it is a great bag, you should get the speedy.
  10. It's always a good idea to look at the amount of stuff you carry around on a daily basis, and to see whetehr you prefer a shoulder or a carry style...if you have an LV boutique near you, definitely go there to try on the different styles to see what "fits":smile:
  11. My first was the backpack, now there are so many choices, you just need to go try em on! Part of the fun is going to the store and playing. I love reade pm's in any color, pochettes or alma in any canvas. GOOD LVCK!
  12. Welcome! :flowers: I also vote for the Speedy! Timeless bag!
  13. I say Popincourt Haut or a Batignolles Horizontal. Maybe a Cabas Piano.
  14. It depends on if you like handheld bags or shoulder bags.. or really small bags. I wanted to buy a pochette accessories, but my mom put her foot down and said it was too small, so my very first was a popincourt haut (and it's a great bag !). Get the speedy if you like handheld bags, but if not, can't go wrong with the popincourt haut or batignolles horizontal !
  15. I Definitely Agree It Depends On Hand Held Or Shoulder Bag.

    The Mono Speedy Is A Great First Bag. Batignolles Horizontal Or Verical Are Both Great Shoulder Bags!!!