First LP Reveal, by Moi

  1. OKAY who is ready for some LP goodness? :3

    To start, a little teaser~
  2. lol okay here are the rest!

    The bag arrived already put into its dust bag.

    It is...a DMT in Scotch! oooooo~

    The leather is delectable, and so soft. The smell that came from the box when I opened it was something else.
    There was however, a small upset during all my glee. I came previously marked and as if cleaning or removal of a mark had been done on the front pocket.
    Here with a flash:

    In truth it could be worse, I suppose, but it was still disappointing. I am going to try to clean and condition the leather to see if I can improve it. Updates will probably come later today.
  3. So I used some leather conditioner to see what could be done. Left it to dry, and...

    The leather around it looks a lot better, not at all scuffed up. The "hole" remains but it is pretty superficial, you can barely see it from a distance and you'd have to squint to tell. An improvement IMO. Now to spray on some stain and water repellent and we'll be good to go :smile:
  4. The bag is beautiful! Love the scotch! I don't know what others will say, but a little mark like that wouldn't bother me. It would add to its charm.
  5. You're right; the mark isn't that big a deal. I still feel better than I was able to spruce it up a little bit though :3

    I've added the spray to it and let it sit to dry before putting it back into its dust bag. I'm debating if I want the convention (Tokyo in Tulsa) I am going to this weekend to be its debut. There's no doubt it's large enough to carry any swag I pick up, but if it gets dirty I think I'll throw a fit lol! The leather is so plush and soft...I must protect it! *puts it away in her closet forever* :giggles:
  6. I would never dare tell you what to do, but while the leather is plush and soft, it's also pretty durable. I have a small speedy in Scotch. I have carried it all summer. It even fell on the floor of my car the other day (I didn't realize it) when I was driving a bunch of dirty, horseback riding girls home from camp! It still looks great. Enjoy it!
  7. It's beautiful!!! I have one coming tomorrow in the same color. Can't wait!! Enjoy yours!
  8. It's so lovely! congrats, and the little flaw looks small, it adds character to the bag :smile:
    Enjoy your new bag! I want DMT too, I still don't have one! I always thought it might be too long for me as I'm not very tall (5'4) so if it's too long it might look weird on me...but I like it a lot, still thinking about getting one
  9. Thank you :smile:
    I'm 5'5" and the length is JUST right for me, but I wouldn't go any bigger as far as height of a bag goes. I am also a larger sized person so perhaps that offsets the length a bit too but I think someone of your stature can pull it off!
  10. Thank you:smile: that really helped!
  11. I'm 5' 1" and have a DMT. I love it. It is a good bag for me when I use the handles over my shoulder, but with the cross body strap, it is a little bit big. I used it as my every day bag last fall/winter and it worked great! But, I'm enjoying my summer bag - it's a Dylan Small Speedy - so much, that I thought I'd try a smaller every day bag for fall/winter, too. I'll for sure still use my DMT, but probably not every day.
  12. My favorite bag in my favorite leather color!!! I love it, I love the smell of it.

    It looks like it has a weird puncture really, not so much a cleaning spot. Contact them if you're not happy (I assume you bought from LP online?).
  13. :biggrin:I guess the only thing was stopping me not yet get this bag is the height of the bag, I do love big bags as I always have too many things to carry with me, DMT almost is a square bag isn't it
  14. Lovely bag! All these scotch bag reveals have made the color really grow on me. :graucho: I'm also on the shorter side (5'2") and have wondered about the length, so thanks for everyone's input on that. Enjoy your bag! I have a super light grey LP that I protected (according to the directions here) and even the couple spots that got on it came off quite easily. So I agree on the durable part. Thanks for sharing!
  15. I just got the DMT in scotch and I'm only 5'3. It doesn't overpower me even when I use it with the cross body strap. I love it so much!!