First Love Bracelet- Classic YG or RG Rainbow?

Which would you choose for your first love bracelet?

  • RG Rainbow

    Votes: 8 30.8%
  • YG Classic

    Votes: 18 69.2%

  • Total voters


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Jun 28, 2015
Hi everyone! I’ve had a love bracelet on my wishlist for years and I’m finally ready to add one- yay!!!

However, I am stuck between the classic love in YG and the RG rainbow love. The rainbow one is less popular and I think it’s really special, but the classic seems to be the bracelet people buy to start their collection.

I’d love to get some opinions on what bracelet you would get first, along with pics!! It’s hard to shop in store these days with Covid, so any information you can give me would help!

Note: I would wear it with my stainless/yg Rolex datejust, trinity cord, and my yg love rings (I was thinking the rainbow would help break up the yg trend haha)

Thank you ❤
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Jan 1, 2016
I have the classic yg and want the rg rainbow to stack, so, this probably isn’t helpful but I say (even if you can’t get both at the SAME time...) to eventually get both!
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IG @sincerelyophelia NYC Fashion & Beauty Blogger
Jan 22, 2009
If you do want to mix it up, Cartier PG is super subtle...after a while it'll patina to even softer pink. So it'll go well with your other YG jewelry! But completely depends on you and what you want.
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