First Louis Vuitton Purchase

  1. Hi all!

    I'm new here, and I'm hoping you can help me with my first Louis Vuitton purchase!

    I have been carrying the same Dooney tote for the last 6-7 years, and now I'm ready to upgrade. I'm a one purse kind of gal, so I need something that is suitable for everyday use. I've narrowed it down to the Batignolles Vertical and the Cabas Mezzo. What do you think????
  2. I like the Cabas but I think the girls in the LV forum will be of more help on the pros and cons of each bag. Good luck and welcome!
  3. I'd go for the BV. I've tried it on in the boutique a few times and love it...but I'm not really a mono girl. One day I might SO it in Damier though. Yes, I would also recommend asking in the LV sub-forum. There's more information in there than you could possibly imagine!
  4. I like the Cabas because you can close it up with the zipper closure, the BV only has a hook but is otherwise and open top. Good luck!
  5. I like the Louis Vuitton Cabas because of the zip closure with padl and with comfortable rolled leather handles.
  6. I also recommend the Louis Vuitton sub-forum. There's lot of information there.
  7. The BV as thr hook closure, and the handles are not as long if you are wearing a bulky winter coat. The cabas has a wider stiffer bottom which is made up of vachetta ( the LV light beige leather..honeys after awhile (patina)...problem with the vachetta that is prone to staining.
    I would go to the LV store and try them both on and see which one you can live with. Also recent releases you might want to look at are the Tivoli, neverful and palermno
  8. Thank you, ladies!