First Louis Vuitton Handbag Ever Made??

  1. I am doing an advertising project and I decided to do LV. I'm doing a vintage ad and was wondering what was the very first LV handbag released?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. Interesting question.... Maybe the Alma or the Noe? Just a guess.... someone will know on tPF!
  3. it was the original Noe, debuted in 1932; the second LV handbag produced was the speedy.
  4. what about the Papillion? I thought that was?
  5. 1901: launch of a Steamer bag (considered luggage)

    1932: launch of the NOE!
  6. Yeah...I was thinking Steamer.
  7. Ok. I'm finally finished. I had an advertising project and I had to basically make up a promotion for a brand. I decided to do Louis Vuitton. I did some research and the first item that was released was the wardrobe trunk. Anyway, here it is. I'm not that great at photoshop though. Remember, this isn't a real ad. :smile:
  8. I LOVE this ad spruitt7 :wtf:! 2 gorgeous icons together!!!!
  9. breathtaking!
  10. Im pretty sure the first "handbag" was the noe and was made to carry champagne?
  11. Excellent! :woohoo: - You have better skills than you know!

    What a good idea!! :drinkup:
  12. Excellent!! You are very talented. Very classy!
  13. I used it as a wallpaper on my laptop!
  14. that looks great !
  15. Nice ad! I like it!