First Louis Vuitton Bag .

  1. My dad finally agrees to get me my first bag .

    So we go to the Galleria and I cant decide && I`m like :hysteric:

    gosh I cant decide .

    What do you think an ideal first bag is ? I `m a senior in highschool . I like bigger bags .
  2. Go for a speedy 30!! It's a great first bag!
  3. speedy 30 or neverfull?
  4. I'd choose the speedy or batignolles horizontal/vertical.
  5. Thanks for responses . Speedies make me go :drool:

    Any other suggestions :shrugs:
  6. I vote for a Monogram Canvas Speedy 30. It's a LV MUST have.
  7. What about a Cabas Mezzo? It fits on the shoulder and has plenty of room for books and binders, plus it makes a great travel bag. If the Mezzo is too big there's always the Cabas Piano or Batignolles Horizontal/ Vertical.
  8. I`ve never seen . :wtf:
  9. speedy was my first bag and it was love at first site. it can hold a ton.
  10. Any of the following: batignolles horizontal, speedy, or neverfull
  11. Bh!!
  12. My first bag was the Black MC Speedy, so I'm partial to that :smile:

    But as everyone else said, the Mono Speedy 30 is also a perfect first bag :heart:
  13. I am partial to anything in the Noe and/or also anything in the Epi line... for me, the Noe holds sooooo much, and the shoulder strap is very handy for keeping the hands free.
  14. I'd say a Damier Speedy 30 or a Monogram Speedy 30 are perfect for a 1st LV. :tup: