First Look: Shoulder Kelly in print

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  1. Hong Kong. Next Magazine. 29 January 2009.

    40cm Shoulder Kelly for HK$71,100 (USD9,057).

  2. wow--thats amazing--Soleil right?
  3. Lutz, thank you for posting the pic of the Shoulder Kelly. I can't wait to see it in store here in the US.
  4. looks good..i'd love a shoulder bag..
  5. Thanks for posting, Lutz. I wouldn't imagine it will be in HK this soon. Are you thinking of getting one?
  6. Thanks for posting this ray of sunshine Lutz, :tup:

    I love everything about this bag!!!! I'm adding this to my wishlist:girlsigh:
  7. Great purse! But, those shoes are TDF!

  8. Thanks for posting Lutz. Soleil is such a fun color!!
  9. Love the colour, but not the style – tried it on at FSH but its proportions did not suit me. This is definitely one bag that has to be tried on in person.
  10. It looks big length-wise.. does anybody have the dimensions of the shoulder kelly?
  11. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: soleil & SK.
  12. [​IMG]

    Credit: Sudden Weekly. Issue 705. 30 January 2009.
  13. You are right :yes: I love this bag in print :heart:, but in person awkward :crybaby:. At least for me that is...
  14. ^^^ I T A

    thank you for posting
  15. Thank you for posting this! Love the Soleil :heart: I have been (very impatiently) waiting for one in Ciel or Soleil.