First Look at Spice Girls Tour Outfits!

  1. Your First Look

    Just a few of the Roberto Cavalli-designed costumes for the new Spice Girls tour.
    So nice to see Geri has her Union Jack dress back!

    I can totally see VB in that dress too!! What do you guys over the top, true Spice Girl fashion! :yes:
  3. LOVE. I love that they are keeping some of their old style, just updated :yes:
  4. I can`t wait to see it in real life :yes:
  5. I think so too...not changing to much, but just enough to make it up to date!
  6. Yes, those outfits are nice but don;t look to comfortable to perform in- but if their miming I suppose it wont be too much of a bother for them
  7. yeah, it's very similar to their older stuff.
    but i guess it's okay although I was hoping for more of a change.
  8. Are these for real? I wouldn't have thought they would go back to all that, one more reason I will not be going to see them, too sad!
  9. posh's outfit looks uber fabulous
  10. hot hot hot
  11. Yes, it's like what they used to wear, but I love the fact that they're classier versions of what they used to wear. The Cavalli ones don't look like obvious costumes. They look like really chic outfits.
  12. They are truly fabulous ladies... and these outfits are fabulous to boot!
  13. Love them! Very chic and classy
  14. I can\'t wait to see it, it looks like a more elegant version of their past :smile:
  15. so cool!