First Longchamp, first LE, first reveal!

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  1. Hi, all! :wave: I never expected to end up with one of these (I've been eyeing the Foulonne totes and maybe a Neo or two down the line). I've never been particularly tempted by LP because it seemed too popular but once I found out this fun beauty was on discount, I knew I had to have it.

    Any guesses? Hint: It's a big one! :biggrin:

  2. Hmmm.... you should "fun beauty" and "big one," so I'm gonna guess it's one of those wild Jeremy Scott print totes????

    Congrats in advance! :smile:
  3. I practically gave it away, lol. Too excited!

  4. Any guesses? :graucho:
  5. [​IMG]

    Ah, I need to sleep soon. Flight's boarding at 11.55am and it takes an hour to get to the airport (without traffic). Well, here she is!

    Jeremy Scott - TV Screens :nuts::nuts::nuts:



    Gosh, I'm really loving it. They don't even have the latest LE Jeremy Scotts on display anymore and this was on display AND on sale (retailed for RM 1345 here in Malaysia and was 40% off so I paid RM 807 after tax - roughly 194 USD, RM 761.32 pre-tax). The SA who I dealt with was patient, unlike the first SA I encountered (who might have been having a bad day since she was nicer during my second visit).

    Excited to carry her on her maiden trip later! :tup: Only, I have a question about a little white thread sewn into the stitching on one of the handle attachments. I didn't notice it when I was examining the bag in store (too hyped, lol).


    Anyone know what it is and if I can remove it without doing any damage to the bag? I can't go back to the store anytime soon and they have no branches in my state.
  6. Nice to see a fellow Malaysian here! Has the sale at the boutiques started?

    I wanted to guess TV Screens but I'm not really into the travel bags and didn't want to embarrass myself in case I got it wrong, LOL!

    Happy and safe travels!
  7. Hi, there! There were quite a few bags on sale at The Gardens. I'm not into travel bags either but I wanted something different for a change. Who knows what kind of slippery slope I've started on, lol. Didn't get the chance to visit KLCC or Pavillion. Maybe next time.

  8. I must visit Pavilion by the end of the week then! Can't wait!

    Yes, LC is a slippery slope. Very hard to stop at number 1. Speaking from experience haha. But it's a nice slippery slope! I've gotten some good deals at the boutiques in the past year and soon, there should be a Friends and Family sale too perhaps next month
  9. Nice! Enjoy your new LC
  10. Good to know! Cheers! :biggrin:

    Thanks! :smile:
  11. I'm at the airport right now. Great fun carrying her.

  12. Love it! safe travels!
  13. It's probably a guide stitch; I've seen them in clothing. It looks pretty well sewn in, so I would not try to remove it. Just carefully color it in with a black Sharpie.

    Great bag!!
  14. Love it!
  15. Wow!