First little instant reveal


Jul 24, 2011
Bangkok, Thailand
Hi everyone! so I decided to do my black friday shopping a week early this year :graucho:
Its also me and my BF first anniversary together
(we decided to go for burberry watches but inside I wish I'd gotten an LV :P)

Since I just got my AMEX card, I went to LV in San Antonio Neiman's yesterday.
(Always wanted to go there but paying in cash isn't gonna work haha)
I was going to get an Eva, but of course, it was out of stock. :oh:
My SA said they will be getting shipments later next week, so I guess I'll have to go back.
meanwhile, I got a little something to cope with my LV craving until I can get my Eva!

Here we go~
pretty little box

peek peek

please welcome my Little Ebene Pochette!

Here she is with her big sis! They look great together :lol:
They are both made in Spain! such a great coincidence!

That's all I got for you all today ;) Thank you for letting me share guys!