First listings removed, Now suspended (long post/rant)

  1. So so miffed! I was selling 4 of my AUTHENTIC LV bags on eBay - two Suhalis, one Damier and one MC. Anyway, my Damier got removed cos of "trademark violation", to which I promptly shot a rebuttal email to eBay and attached a pic of the receipt to the email. Then one of my Suhalis got removed, for the same thing! Now really angry, I dashed off another email asking for the reason it was removed. There seemed to be no explanation and yet all those FAKES are on eBay?? Then today, they suspended my account!! :cursing: I'm so upset! Even if I was proven right, there have already been huge interest in my bags. These people will now think I'm not credible, as first the listings were removed and now I'm suspended?? Worse, I've purchased a dress off eBay for US$400, and because they have removed my rights on eBay, this seller who has not sent me the tracking number for my parcel since last week, will be getting away scot-free! Grrr...I went on live chat and they informed me sorry, since I'm suspended, eBay won't offer ANY protection should the seller not post the dress even though I've paid! So so upset! Rant over...:hysteric:
  2. Did you happen to pay by credit card? Maybe you could report it to your credit card company? I can see how you would be frustrated. I'm starting to wonder if ebay has listings removed when other big sellers report you? I think it's pretty "cut throat" and they may report people that they see as competition.
  3. of ur bag? wat r u going to do now?
  4. I've just gone on eBay Australia and search for Louis Vuitton under the Handbag category. There are 74 listings and only 6 are authentic, my 2 that were left included (but they've since removed that too). I've reported all of them with item numbers. I'm going to check them tonight to see if they have been removed. If not, then something must be wrong.

    suzi, I think perhaps it might be other sellers but also spiteful buyers when they are hoping to get a much cheaper price if the listing was removed. I paid via Paypal and spoke to them, and same thing, they said if my eBay ID is suspended then there's nothing they could do. Grr...

    Cudaswifey - haha, no, I can't post pics here, there's no point doing that. I don't really know. But it's such a terrible experience.
  5. That happened to me too. I decided not to deal with Ebay anymore. I faxed copies of receipts, tags, pictures of date codes, and heat stamps and all was ignored. I understand exactly how you feel. :cursing:
  6. Hi!
    I'm sorry for what happened... but you know, 15 days ago it happened also to the only one italian MPRS, who used to sell beautyful and authentic items, :crybaby: (I was just considering to buy a nice bag...:cursing:) probably because the ones who sell fakes want to eliminate comparisons...I suppose.
    Maybe you should look for another place. I saw the e-commerce web site of MyPoupette (poupetteluxe?) and it's not bad!
    Good luck for now.
  7. OH couturecreature! I'm so sorry about your acc, eBay f#&%!!07#$!
    Yesterday, you just told me that they remove your listing, now the suspended you?? What's game they're playing there?

    Mmm, when they remove your Damier, did you try to relist it or relist with another format? If you did it, it may why eBay suspended you coz since they remove one listing, we can't relist the same item again, so crazy but they will do it to us!

    I ever reported fake Cherry Blossom but till her auction ended, eBay not remove nor suspended her. I think it's like a gamble. May they random their 'victim' ?
  8. I'm sorry it happened to you..
    Same thing happened to me when I tried to list 6 of my bags. Apparently I've been told Ebay is placing strict policies on sellers who are selling a number of high end designer handbags at the same time. Maybe you can try by listing 1-2 bag at one time, then when those are sold, you can sell another batch.
  9. OMG! They even told you something non-responsible like this?? Can't believe eBay did it. It sounding like they want to say,"Since you're NARU, we don't care about you even if you're scammed by your seller!"
  10. Yup, they removed that, and when I complained, they removed another, and then when I complained again, they suspended me! :hysteric: Since then, I reported all the fakes up there on eBay Australia. There were 74 LV handbags listed, and only 6 were real!

  11. If you bought and paid for the dress before you were suspended, it seems that they are retroactively punishing you. Since you were still a member in good standing at the time of the purchase. We all know by now that ebay can and will do whatever it bloody well pleases, but that is just messed up.
  12. Thanks guys. Now just hoping the buyer does the right thing by me. I paid her immediately after the auction ended. I emailed her again about the tracking number.
  13. Oh no... so sorry to hear this, what the hell is eBay thinking!? :wtf: I hope that seller is honest enough and won't take advantage out of this situation. Did eBay suspend you temporarily or permanently? Is there a way you can get your account reinstated?
  14. eBay's slogan should be "Guilty until proven innocent."

    This happened to me too.

    Even AFTER I set everything right and got reinstated and started selling things, it happened to me AGAIN because I listed a pair of 7FAMK jeans, and apparently the jeans people and the handbag people do not talk to each other.

    I also have a restriction on my account AGAIN because I listed one of my old (authentic) Chanels. One Chanel and suspicion is heaped upon you.

    It took me two months to get unsuspended the first time after sending all of my receipts in, multiple phone calls and faxes, etc, etc.

    I am about to list two more handbags and if they suspend them I will be ballistic!!

    I hate eBay - but it's the only way I can swap purses as often as I do.
  15. The same thing happened to me. It really is a shame what ebay has become. I hope they get a class action suit against them real soon.