First Listing Since the Changes and now this...

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  1. Well, my listing finally posted and I have watchers -yah!! So, I go to check my email and saw I had a question from what I thought was a potential buyer. It turns out it's someone wanting to know if I bought this bag from a certain Ebay Seller and why do people buy from this person and pay those crazy prices, etc. So I'm a nice person and instead of ignoring the email and blocking this person like I should have, I email her back and tell her why I buy from this person (trusted seller, authentic, professional, polite, nice packaging, rare bag, etc.) and I also say I'm fully prepared to accept a reasonable offer on the bag. I expect that's the end of it, but no, this seller emails me back saying how buyers email her complaining about this seller and how her prices are too high and she (person who emailed me) bought a similar bag way cheaper recently, etc. So I go check her feedback and listings just for the heck of it. She buys and sells a lot of Coach, but there is no bag like she stated she bought recently in her feedback at all and I see not only does she sell a lot of Coach, but she buys a lot too and some at cheap prices - I didn't have time to compare the buying w/ selling to see if she's buying low and selling higher.

    So, do you think she's just jealous of all the sales this other trusted Coach reseller makes and that she was hoping to scare me (figuring I have no clue what I'm doing) into selling the bag to her for a pittance? If so, what an annoying practice and it makes me very glad I dont' have any more things I want to sell right now.
  2. First I would block her. Don't engage her anymore. This person is TROUBLE! If she's harrassing you, save all of her emails and report her.
  3. I myself am tired of sellers who have no clue what it costs to list an item on ebay. It is annoying to see sellers list stuff undercutting my prices when I am lucky if I make $20 after everything is paid for. It takes me 1 hr to list each item. Doesn't matter what it is. $20 an hr to pay for any incidental expenses and my time isn't much.
  4. And I get goofy e-mails all the time saying my prices are too high, blah blah blah...
  5. ^^ me 2. But I do it on purpose. So I don't get silly offers.