First (likely only) Birkin 35-Gold or Black?

  1. Several weeks ago I placed an order for a Rouge H JPG. After much research here on the PF and frighteningly obsessive analysis, I think a "regular" 35 is best for my lifestyle. I know I want clemence leather and GH but can't decide between two classics-Gold and Black, and I'm changing my order on Monday :wtf: :wtf: . Any thoughts?
  2. DEFINITELY black. Gold is my favorite H color, but you will never regret a black bag. It's a staple...classic, timeless, stunning. Gold does have a leisurely look to it. I have a million things in the gold/tan/brown family, but I don't travel anywhere without a black bag. Go for it!
  3. I ablsolutely LOVE my black with gh clememence 35. It is perfect!! My vote is black! :smile:
  4. Pictures please! :yes:
  5. If it's your one and only Birkin, I think the 35 is more practical than the JPG.
    In terms of color, it's so hard to decide - both are perfect neutrals.

    Both colors can be worn year round; black might e a bit "dark" in the summer, esp if you live in a southern climate. I think gold might be a touch more versatile since it easily transitions all 4 seasons. Honestly, I don't think you can go wrong.

    What other bags/colors do you have in your collection? Thant might be a deciding factor - ie if you have a lot of black Chanels, you might want to go with gold.
  6. Black won't show dirt or darkening handles as the decades roll by...but get both!
  7. I'm thinking the same way! Both are perfect neutrals. In my heart of hearts I think I love Black a lttle more, just so quintessential (and so Shopmom :yes: ) But I'm in NC so I think gold may be just a tad more versatile, but I also have a tan gucci horsebit hobo, which is very similar in color to Gold, although very different in style of course!
  8. Absolutely start with black. Promise you will find a gold one, and you can find someone who will work with you on reasonable payments!

    And besides, you may decide to go for 'colour' after black!
  9. Black, Black, Black! Black in a 35cm with Gold hardware is timeless and if you should only be able to get one, you will never regret having this one.

  10. That's a toughie, but I would choose the Black!
  11. I would chose the Gold. I just love the way Hermes colors look. I realize I am the minority here, but it really depends on what you have already. I have a relativley new great black chanel therefor i like the color hermes bags
  12. BLACK!!
  13. GOLD:yahoo:
  14. I would choose gold too. Gold with gold hardware, yummy! While I love black, my preference for the first and possibly only Birkin would be gold - it's both leisurely and elegant (as is gold, I know...) but it would get a nice patina. Aahhh, just look at the thread with gold in different colours.... yummy!
  15. No choice, it would be Gold for me first, though I would love a black Birkin another time (in fact my wish list has a black Bolide rather than a Birkin)

    Gold leather is perfect with your choice of leather and gold hardware too, I think a black Birkin looks better (IMvHO) with palladium h/w.