first lady dior help with decision

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  1. Hi, I've owned many Louis Vuittons, Burberry, Gucci and Fendi. But for my 50th birthday I want a medium lady dior. Please give suggestions on material and hardware. I saw the lambskin one in person and loved it with the silver hardware but I'm thinking that's strictly for the youthful ones. I look quite good for my age and not old lady post menopausal mess. Please tell me the material. I've heard there are 3 patent, calf and lamb and why you suggest one and also should I go for the old lady gold or will I make a fool of myself getting the silver. Help!
  2. Hello, I personally prefer the lambskin and in terms of hardware it all comes down to preference. If you prefer the silver hardware, go for it.
  3. Dior lambskin is great. And there’s no such thing as hardware being youthful or old lady. Get a color and hardware that make you happy.
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