1. Lets not let the LV girls get all the fun! Post your balenciaga firsts!:yahoo:
  2. Why no one posted here? I was searching for it and finally got it, but no pics:confused1:
  3. Here's my black SS'05 First:yes:
    Balenciaga.JPG PA310042.JPG
  4. I love the First -- it's so cute and neat.

    My Marron First (the handles haven't darkened already -- that's just the whipstiching):

    My Greige First:
  5. Here is my lovely Grass green first :heart: :heart:

  6. My Griege First :love:
  7. This is my 2005 caramel.
  8. Here is a pic of the only first I own (which in fact is the first Bbag I owned). '06 Blueberry.

  9. Here is my bleu glacier...:nuts:[​IMG]
    photo 009.jpg
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  10. yay, i love this new thread aarti & i love all of your firsts gals :wlae:...i'll post a group photo of my black firsts once my new baby arrives later this week :tender:
  11. This thread is awesome! I need to get a new camera, mine won't upload any pics here!
  12. zibeline - me lovies the first in this color very much! i want to coo at it like a small child.
  13. yay for this thread, everyone's firsts are gorgeous:drool: i know this size is too small for a lot of people, but it's perfect for me!!!
  14. You ladies really make me want a First. I hope an Emerald one comes my way! I found that as long as I don't *need* my sunglasses case or a book, the First holds everything else.

    The Vert Gazon, Bleu Glacier and Blue Roi are my favourites so far. Beautiful!