First Kooba purchase!

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  1. Hello all- just wanted to say thanks for the tips- especially to photomj on her notes on the Ellenton outlet...

    I went to Off 5th this past weekend and got a honey Sloane for $300- which I was really happy with pricewise. I like it more every time I pick it up... the color is so pretty and the style of the bag keeps growing on me more. It's roomy without being heavy too- I even was able to fit my legal pad and a file folder in when I went to a deposition today, along with all my other stuff! The problem is that now I've decided I need another bag...
  2. Glad you like your new bag!

    And, yes, once you acquire one Kooba, another one becomes a necessity, and so it begins . . .
  3. Congrats Elizat! Now I'll be "fighting" you at the Off Fifth sales! ha ha

    There is an awesome Off Fifth in Orlando as well as a Neiman Marcus Last Call. There were a dozen or so Kooba bags there the last time I went! Happy hunting!
  4. Congrats Eliza, on your first Kooba!

    PS - You definitely need another one! :yes:

  5. PhotoMJ....any idea where the good ones are in south Fla??? I have heard there is one in Ft. lauderdale. Heard anything about that one? (it's a little closer...I'm in WPB)
  6. I was just in Nashville last week and went to the Off-Fifth at the OpryMill Mall and saw the Honey Sloane. It was gorgeous. I liked it much better in person. I thought it would be huge but it wasnt that bad and you just have to see the color in person. It was like $386.00 I asked if they had any coupons as I know you can get them sometimes, but they werent very nice. So I decided not to get it. But Congrats on a beautiful bag. I see more Koobas in your future.:tup:
  7. Congrats!!! Let the obsessing begin!!
  8. There's a great one in Destin, one in Ft. Lauderdale, one in Naples. The Miami store "doesn't get Koobas" but I think it depends on who you talk too. Most don't speak very good English. Orlando doesn't get many Koobas but the new NM Last Call is a great store. The Ellenton store sometimes has Koobas, sometimes no. The Wentworth, MA store is great. The accessories manager always calls me when she gets in new Koobas. Her name is April Irons and they will ship anywhere.
  9. Congrats!! I just bought a Sloane too! I love it and the leather is gorgeous:woohoo::woohoo:
  10. Congratulations on that first Kooba, Eliza, I'm sure it won't be the last..;)
  11. Ms. Lizardo - I stumbled upon Sawgrass Mills Mall when I was in Miami last month. I think Sawgrass is in Ft Lauderdale - it wasn't hard to find. There's a great TJ MAxx in there as well...TONS of purses! The Off Fifth is where I found my Brown Carla and Moss Sienna. I hadn't been in an Off Fifth for a long I'm hooked! I've thought of driving back down to that one from Tampa! ha ha

    Besides Kooba, I just bought an awesome Michael Kors and Isabella Fiore two weeks ago in Orlando's Off Fifth!
  12. Congrats!! Yep, your first is guaranteed not to be your last...mwahahahaha. Enjoy!!