First Kooba Purchase for 2008.......

  1. WOW.... I purchased a taupe/brown Layla for $266 from the revole sale, and I am soooooooo pleased. I was a little leary after reading some of the comments about it keeping it shape, but the leather is so exquisite and I find that loaded whether lightly or more heavily it looks and feelsr fantastic. It carries on the shoulder well and the satchel straps don't even look out of place when doing so. The leathe is so soft and smooshy, and the 2 tone color is beautiful. TDF!! I am so pleased and it has become my most carried Kooba latley. I missed out on the larger version (not the one Chinsumo has, but the middle size, forgot the name) in a solid color on Revolve sale, but the Layla is just the right size and holds a lot. Great pocket configuration too! I AM IN LOVE :heart::yahoo:
  2. Congrats! :yahoo:

    I'd love to see some pics!
  3. Glad you're happy with it, we need to see it!!:smile:
  4. Ms Lizardo, what a bargain. I've always liked the Layla. How much does it hold? We need pics pronto :yes:!!!
  5. That was a great deal! Post some photos when you can- love to see the bag w/ not just stock pics.
  6. Congrats Ms. L! How exciting! You must post those pics :smile:
  7. Congrats. I'd love to see pics as well!
  8. Just got back from vacation in Savannah.....I will post pics this weekend. I took 2 other Koobas and never used them, just the it!
  9. Awesome Ms. L! Glad to see you are keeping the Kooba flame alive and well!
  10. Would love pictures. I have always been curious abut this bag. Glad you love it. Great Price.
  11. What a tease, a post of a new bag with no photos. Shame on you. *s
  12. Sorry I didn't get these posted before now. Still trying to get caught up from vacation. I hope I am doing this correctly. Sorry the pics aren't the best, they don't do the bag justice. In fact I still haven't put her away yet...she goes with everything! LOL
    layla0.jpg layla.JPG layla1.jpg layla2.jpg layla3.jpg
  13. Guess I was only allowed 5 (hmmm I thought 10)'s 5 more...
    layla4.jpg layla5.JPG layla6.JPG layla7.JPG layla9.JPG
  14. What a gorgeous bag! Congrats on your great deal.
  15. That's a beautiful purse!! For some reason I thought the Layla was a bit smaller - maybe I'm getting it mixed up with something else...I'm a Kooba newbie!