First Kooba - Nina in Slate 60% off!!!

  1. She is soooo soft! Here she is:
    IMG_3915redo.JPG IMG_3915redo2.JPG
  2. The color in the photo is not accurate - it is actually grey like an elephant.
  3. I didn't realize the Nina was that big! Very cute!
  4. VERY cute! congrats! The size is awesome and the leather looks TDF!
  5. Looks great on you!
  6. Funny, it doesn't look that big sitting there on the rack or on the table. I was surprised at how big it looks in the pics too. But it does actually hold a lot of stuff. It should be great for going out in the evening (not that I ever do). Do you think it will be an ok everyday bag as well? The leather is so soft I am afraid it will get stained and worn easily. I got such a good deal on this bag - $195!!!
  7. Wow where did you get it for $195??
  8. Nieman Marcus outlet. On sale for $295, originally $495. The closure was a little stiff so I asked for a discount and got 20% off!! Then I opened a Nieman's charge and got another 15% off!!!
  9. Wow, you got a DEAL Girlfriend! Im so jealous but happy for you.....It is bigger looking than it appears, and so beautiful!
  10. love that should have seen it in brown...if I knew better I'd get it in every color, the slate they were selling at the Kooba sample sale for $75, the Meredith for $100 both in slate.
  11. it looks more like the meredith; I have a nina & it's looks much smaller than the purse in your pictures. Either way, you wear it well! Congrats!