First Kooba - Nervous

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  1. Greetings Ladies - I just ordered my first Kooba bag without even knowing anything about Kooba. I ordered the Jacinda in brown in which I fell in love with the looks of her, but after reading some of the post here, I'm getting pretty worried about the leather quality. Should I really be worried?
  2. Hi kstyle,
    I feel the same way!!! I just bought my first Kooba Sienna as well and according to some avid Kooba fans the newer Kooba's are declining in quality (?). I hope both our first Kooba's will turn out fine. I'm excited about mine despite what I have read. Who am I kidding? I always get excited with new bags! Let me know how you like your bag when you get it!
  3. I just bought my first Kooba a few weeks ago as well. I purchased a slate Meredith on Ebay from another lovely tPF member! I love the bag, the leather is sooo yummy! I'm sure it will not be my last Kooba!!
  4. I recently ordered two Jacinda's. I orignally purchsed the Lavendar, but returned it due to the color being too pale. The leather was thin and it did concern me, but I don't know if I would have returned it had I liked the color.

    I exchanged the bag for the black patent Jacinda which is beautiful! At first I didn't know if I was keeping it, but seeing it in person made me fall in love!
    GL- let us know what happens when you get it!
  5. Kstyle- If this is your first Kooba purchase I think you will be happy with the Jacinda. I too have the Jacinda in brown I love this bag.. I also own older Koobas as well. There is a difference in the leathers but if your not used to the older leather I just don't think this will bother you. I also don't agree with the Jacinda leather being cheap and thin. Wait and see for yourself I think you will like it.

    Scheron77- You mention you bought a Sienna right This must be an older bag correct? It might be brand new but it's an older model correct The leather on this bag should be just fine. You have nothing to worry about as long as you purchased it from a very reliable source. Lot's of knockoffs out there so be careful!

    Ladies- let us know how these purchases turn out. I think you'll fall in love!
  6. Littlerock,
    I don't know much about Kooba (same with other designers as I am a new bag addict) but I guess the Sienna that I bought is an older model, but I'm getting it brand new. I'm excited and will let you guys know when I get it. I don't expect it until late April.I bought it from a fellow tPFer and reputable ebay seller. Thanks llittlerock for your assurance!
  7. ^ You should be fine w/ a Sienna. That leather is thick/very durable! It is an older style and not made anymore.